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Kundali Milan - Kundli Match Making Free

Kundali milan Or Kundali matching matches your Spouse's qualities, allowing you to lead a life with your life partner in a harmonious way.

Match your horoscope now - Free Kundli Match Making Online

Kundali Matching helps you understand the Virtues, Nature, Interests and temperaments of your Spouse for a happy and peaceful married life. It also provides essential information about Manglik Doshas, Vascular Defects and Virtue matching (Gun - Milan).

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Benefits of Janam Kundli Match Making Online Free

Matchmaking kundli or kundali milan is a blend of 2 natal charts. In Vedic Astrology, kundali milan is used to verify the compatibility of two people in order to provide a successful and bonded marriage. Matching a bride and groom-to-be with Kundalis lets them recognize their level of togetherness and their imminent marriage. The matchmaking, throughout the event of trouble, guarantees alternatives for a delightful marriage. In Hindu Scriptures marriage is considered to be a sacred union arranged well before birth.

One of the most precious moments in one's life is marriage too. Everyone wants a good partner he / she can build some beautiful memories with and feel satisfied with. This is the region over which the person's true happiness resides. Where married life is an important element in India, people nowadays are very keen to find the perfect partner for life. In Hinduism, every boy and girl's horoscope or kundli are balanced to neutralise any bad effect after marriage.

Matching Kundli lets you find your partner's way and lead a happy and stable married life. Now, get your free kundli match making making on our site. If you set the birth date, and align your kundali. You could only get general details and have the full benefits depending on these general details. So, get your milan kundli by date of birth. Gun milan or kundli matching is a complicated process to verify several astrological variations with astrological sign and moon constellation, on this site get your kundli.

The one performed on date , time and place of birth is the most reliable. But not everyone knows his / her date , time and place of birth and are unaware of astrological advantages in the absence of that. We have created this tool to help you make horoscopes that fit on your name. This Name Horoscope Matching method builds on Vedic astrology concepts. It is not an ordinary relationship but a two- person spiritual union.

Because it is such a significant and sacred marriage, it is very important to ensure that the bride and groom's emotional , physical, intellectual and religious characteristics are taken into account and correctly balanced to prevent any misunderstanding or problems in the future. Planetary systems and celestial objects have a significant affect on every person's lives. So it is necessary to ensure that the celestial bodies complement each other when marriage joins two individuals, leading to peace , happiness and prosperity in marriage.


What is Kundli Match Making?

The bond and understanding between two people plays an important role when the highly enduring relation of marriage takes place. Kundali matching is a Vedic compatibility analysis of a couple based on their natal charts. It helps in knowing the uncertainty in marriage and also finding out the equation and compatibility of a couple. Matching kundli helps in assuring happy, healthy and blissful married life.

Why Kundli Match is important for marriage?

Kundali match making is a comparison between two natal charts. It is a part of Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility of two individual before they get married. Kundli matching helps the bride and groom’s in better understanding of their camaraderie level and a future of successful marriage. People nowadays besides comparing their cultural, professional and educational background are also interested in Kundli matching. It is done in order to know the future of marriage and also helps in assuring a happy, prosperous and harmonious married life.

What is gun Milan?

Marriage as per Hindu tradition is a holy relation between two individuals. It is advised to match the horoscopes of the bride and groom to ensure a compatible and happy life. The Vedic astrology advises considers Kundali match making very important for this purpose. Kundali consists of 8 categories known as Kootas or Koots. In turn they have 36 Guns or Ganas which are matched and compared for the bride and the groom. This system of kundali matching as per the Vedic astrology system is also termed as Ashta Koota Milan. And it involves the matching of gun or qualities of both bride and groom.

How Kundli is matched?

The position of moon in both bride’s and groom’s horoscope plays a very important role in Kundli matching. As per the Milan system, the 36 aspects mentioned in the system are compared between the horoscopes of the bride and the groom. The higher the number of compatible items, the happier will be the life of the bride and groom.

Which Guna is very important while matching Kundli?

The gun which are considered while matching Kundli are Dina, gana, mahendra, stree deergha, yoni, rasi, rasi adhi pati, vasya, rajju, vedha, varna and nadi. These guns are calculated and consolidated and then matched. And then the final prediction whether the marriage will be successful or not is made.

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