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Libra daily Horoscope

MyJyotish Expert Updated 17 Aug 2022 12:05 AM IST
Libra Horoscope daily
libra - Photo : My Jyotish

Live Update

12:00 AM, 19-Aug-2022
As the Gemini moon hovers in your candid ninth house, there’s no ignoring the bright pink elephant in the room. And if no one else mentions it, well, Libra, it’s up to you to call it out. What you DON’T want to do is spin up people’s anxiety by unloading your fears or passing along unproven rumors. Take time to fact-check any data before you start spreading any “news.” Remember that there are always three (or more) sides to every story. Try to remain Switzerland until you’ve heard them all.
12:00 AM, 18-Aug-2022
When you find yourself in a group situation today, make a point of mingling with everyone in the room and finding out what makes each one tick. When you notice commonalities between people, step into the connector role and get them talking to each other. Before you know it, you’ll have paved the way for some warm-fuzzy teamwork.
12:00 AM, 17-Aug-2022

Libra daily Horoscope

Today, the Sun in your social eleventh house sends enticing distractions right and left. But don't be so quick to join the team for lunch. With foggy Neptune in your task-driven sixth house, you could let an important detail slip if you don’t double-check your calendar. If you go out tonight, pace yourself on the cocktails—and eat a solid meal before you open a bottle. Or skip the alcohol altogether and enjoy a healthy meal and quality conversation with friends.
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