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Mangalik Dosh

Manglik Dosha Calculator Online

Manglik Dosha Calculator

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How does an Online Manglik Dosha Calculator works?

When malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are placed in unfavorable or bad positions in the horoscope then that condition leads to doshas or afflictions. And when a person is born with such an unfavorable condition then that person is known as Manglik and the dosh is known as Manglik Dosha. Mars is the planet of war, and it’s bad positioning creates problems at the time of marriage and also after marriage. Married life of manglik people are full of discomforts, tension, unhappiness and finally it can also lead to separation.

When Mangal is present in 1st house then it can lead to conflicts in marriage and spouse may suffer from health issues. Mars in the 2nd house can cause both personal and professional discomfort. Mars in the 4th house causes professional failure and Mars in the 7th house causes irritability and ill temperament.

Mangal dosha calculator is an online tool to calculate manglik dosha online. Many websites offer this tool. Manglik dosha calculator online is very easy to use tool. One have to enter their birth details which includes date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. After entering all the details in their respective columns one has to click on calculate button. Once you click on the calculate button a new page will appear which contains all the necessary information about the Kundli of an individual.

People prefer to check mangal dosha before continuing or fixing a marriage proposal. Families who believes in Kundli matching check for manglik dosha. Many Jyotish now a days believe that Mars Is least harmful planet and does not cause major problems in married life. So not all people go for remedial solutions but who believes in this prefer marriage between two people with manglik dosha or people without it.

One can believe Manglik dosha calculator online as it’s calculations are correct. So people who are looking for marriage can check for manglik dosha checker on online websites.


What is Manglik Dosha?

Manglik Dosha is a bad astrological condition which is caused by positioning of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th,8th and 12th house in the horoscope of the person. It is related to Mangal or Mars. The person having this dosha is called Manglik. Manglik Dosha creates unfavorable conditions for marriage. Person with this dosha may face unhappiness, discomfort and uneasiness in marriage.

Is Mangal Dosha dangerous?

Mangal Dosha is not dangerous. One can match Kundli of bride and groom in order to reduce the side effects of Mangal Dosha in married life of couple. It is often believed that the effect of Mangal Dosha is reduced by the age of 28 and also one can please Mars by some rituals and chants.

Does Manglik Dosha really matters?

Manglik Dosha is more prominent in teenagers. In India educated individuals get married after the age of 25 and till that age the effect of Mars. Mars is known to be least harmful planet. One may consider matching Kundli before marriage but it doesn’t deserves as much hype as it get.

How can I check Manglik Dosha Online?

One can easily check Manglik Dosha Online with the help of manglik dosha calculator. Manglik Dosha plays an important role in Hindu religion and people prefer to match Kundli before marriage.

How is Manglik Dosha calculated?

Manglik Dosha can be calculated online via Manglik Dosha calculator. All you have to provide is date of birth, time of birth and also place of birth. And then one can click on calculate. After calculations the new page will appear which contains all the necessary details and one can find out the position of Mars in the lagan.

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