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Astrology 2022: the 12 names of sun god surya and their significance

Prerna Prerna MyJyotish expert Updated Sat, 05 Feb 2022 09:24 PM IST
sun god
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All Hindus offer water to the Sun God in the morning, and he is worshiped as both a house and an isvara. One who believes in God or says that he is a believer, worships the Sun God. The Sun God has two wives, Sangya and Chhaya.

 According to a legend, Lord Surya had abandoned his wife, Sangya, because she could not bear the brilliance and tenacity of Sun God. And after this incident, the penance of the rays of Suryadev was reduced. For this reason, Surya's wife Sangya started residing on Prithvi in the form of an Ashwani (mare) and to obey her, Surya Dev also took the form of Ashva (horse) and started living on Prithvi. And during this time his 2 sons were born, whom we know by the name of Ashwini Kumar. 

 Lord Sun is very formidable, that is why he had also attacked and burnt his son Shani, the god of justice. After this, Shani worshiped the Sun God with sesame seeds and then the wrath of a father on the son ended. As we all know that in ancient times many temples of Lord Sun God were established in India. And many of these temples are world famous. The 12 names of the Sun God have great significance in Hinduism. 

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