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Bhumi pujan 2022: Know the importance & mahurat

Sweksha My Jyotish Expert Updated Tue, 03 May 2022 05:41 PM IST
Bhumi Pooja
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Bhumi pooja / puja is a Hindu ritual finished in honor of Goddess Bhoomi and VastuPurush (the deity of directions), earlier than starting the development of a brand-new residence. The 5factors of nature also are worshipped all through the bhumi pujan. Bhoomi approaches mom earth. Usually, the Bhumi Puja has finished it inside the northeast nook of the place. According to Vastu experts, the digging must start inside the northeast nook. For the bhumi pujan, a ritualistic 64-component diagram symbolizing the ‘Vaastu Purusha’ is drawn withinside the north-jap, with the use of kumkum and seeds. Each component on this diagram is associated with a deity. Mantras are chanted and services are made to every deity. A pit is dug, and the primary brick is laid in it. Religious leaders have a take a observe the Hindu Panchang, that is, the Hindu calendar, for muhurat. It is helpful if you seek advice from a famed and skilled astrologer to pick the correct muhurat for your bhumipujan and residence construction. When an astrologer is consulted, he usually analyses your start and horoscope details, to reach a date.
These days, you could additionally seek advice from skilled astrologers online. Note that there may be a distinction between beginning the development and laying the inspiration for a brand new home.
As consistent with Vastu and customs, one ought to lay the inspiration stone earlier than beginning construction. Baisakh (May), Margshirsh (December), Paush (January), and Phalgun (March) are the fine months for foundation laying. Baishakh, Shravan, Margshirsh, Magh, Falgun, Bhadrapada, and Kartik months are permissible. According to the historical Hindu scriptures and standards of Vastu Shastra, the fine time for appearing bhumi puja are withinside the months of Baishakh, Shravan, Margshirsh, Magh, Falgun, Bhadrapad, and Kartik. 

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