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New year 2022: Know your weaknesses as per your zodiacs, and take resolutions

Prerna Prerna my jyotish Expert Updated Fri, 03 Dec 2021 09:59 AM IST
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 According to the name and zodiac of human beings, it is normal for their nature, thinking, qualities, demerits to be different from each other.  There are more evils in a person, some good in some, some great strength in some and some great weakness in some.  Such things happen only because of the upheaval of a person's planetary constellations and many different problems come in life.  Which becomes very difficult for a person to face.  The weakness inside a person becomes a hindrance in the happiness that comes in his life.  Today we are going to talk about how to overcome these weaknesses.  Yes, the new year is about to start soon and in such a situation why not make this coming time special.  Resolve to remove all the weaknesses in the midst of your success in the year 2022, so that happiness can easily knock in your life.  The nature of the person of all the zodiac signs is different and along with it their weakness is also different.  They need to be identified and removed.
 Let us know here what is the weakness of which zodiac sign -

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