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Planet transit 2022:know about how Venus can change the fate of zodiac sign

Sweksha My Jyotish Expert Updated Wed, 04 May 2022 02:01 PM IST
Planet transit 2022:know about how Venus can change the fate of zodiac sign
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Venus will change the fate of these zodiac signs with its exalted position
The change in the zodiac sign of Venus is going to have a direct effect on material comforts in life, along with this all things related to creativity, art, and beauty are affected by Venus. When Venus is in its strong position, Mangalya gives rise to happiness. Venus will transit in Pisces from April 27 to May 23. Pisces is also an exalted sign of Venus, so the transit of Venus in such a situation is particularly remarkable. Its effect on the materiality and pleasures of life can be seen. Let's know how this change of Venus can affect you: -
This transit of Venus will be in the twelfth house of Aries. With this transit of Venus, you can get benefits in the field. You can achieve success in many cases. You will get the support of your lover, especially at this time. You will get opportunities to gain money, but keep in mind that your expenses may also increase.
This transit of Venus will be in your eleventh house. You will benefit from this transit of Venus. You will get new means of earning. You can also be careful about taking care of yourself, there will be a purchase of goods, the increase in enthusiasm can remain.
This transit of Venus will be in your tenth house. You can maintain your success in the competitions in the field. During this time, you can get better cooperation from Viparitaling in your field of work. Some new things may arrive in the family.

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