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Shani transit to Aquarius 2022: Auspicious changes for some zodiacs, check for yours

Prerna Prerna MyJyotish Expert Updated Tue, 28 Dec 2021 05:26 PM IST
Saturn Transit 2022
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After two and a half years, Saturn transiting in its own sign will bring change for these zodiac signs.

There are total nine planets in the solar system. According to astrology, the slowest moving planet among all the nine planets is considered to be Saturn. It takes about two and a half years for Saturn to transit from one planet to another. The slower the movement of Saturn, the more profound is its effect on any zodiac sign. It is said about Shani that whoever is kind to him, all the closed doors of his fate are opened and all sorrows end. On the other hand, if the grace of Shani on a person is not right, then it does not take long for him to become a rook from the king. Shani has been described as the god of justice in astrology, who gives good or bad results to a person according to his deeds. In the coming new year, after about two and a half years, Shani Dev is going to enter his friend's zodiac sign Aquarius on 29 April 2022. The transit of Saturn in this zodiac will have some or the other effect on the life of the people of each zodiac. However, there are mainly four such zodiac signs on which it has a deep effect. Changes can be seen in the jobs of the people of these four zodiac signs, let's know who are those four zodiac signs

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