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Vastu remedies 2022:- know which item is inauspicious to keep in your house

Sweksha My Jyotish Expert Updated Fri, 13 May 2022 10:11 AM IST
Vastu remedies 2022:- know which item is inauspicious to keep in your house
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Know which things are present in the house have to face many problems

Home is a very important place, a person builds it with a lot of hard work and love. It also uses a variety of items for its decoration. But many times due to small and big mistakes related to Vastu, happiness, prosperity, and happiness are not able to reside in the house, rather negative energy starts circulating in the house and poverty starts filtering in the house. Today we are going to tell you about some such items which according to Vastu Shastra are considered absolutely unsuitable to keep in the house. It has been told in Vastu Shastra that if such things are present in the house then it makes the house hell. If you also have these items in your house, remove them immediately. Let's know what those things are

A watch is such an item that not only serves to pass the time but the happiness and prosperity of the house are also associated with it. It is never considered auspicious to keep a closed clock in the house. If you have any broken or broken clock in your house then remove it immediately as it starts the bad times of the person. According to Vastu, if there is a closed clock in the house, then negative energy is transmitted in the house.

We use different items for the decoration of the house, out of which paintings and photographs are important items. But some things must be kept in mind while selecting the paintings and photographs for the decoration of the house, otherwise, it may have to face bad consequences. Whenever you buy a painting or picture for home, keep in mind not to bring any offensive pictures like the Taj Mahal, sinking boat, wild animals and war-related or any other pictures. If you have any pictures related to it in your house, then remove it immediately. These types of pictures are considered inauspicious for the house.

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