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Vastu Tips 2022: Best Place for Kitchen, Pooja Room, Bedroom, Toilet in Flats as per Vastu

Aishwarya Keshari MyJyotish Expert Updated Tue, 11 Jan 2022 12:29 PM IST
vastu tips
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While many people pay a lot of heed to Vastu when building themselves a home, however, what about when buying a flat? Do you need to pay attention to Vastu when buying a flat? Well, ask our expert astrologers and the answer you would be inundated with would be, Yes.
Vastu plays a crucial role in multiple aspects of one’s life and the place you do or will call home eventually is no exception. Over the years, the Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra has been a basis for identifying and developing the best living spaces. You may believe it or not, but even today, when the builders plan to build these sky-kissing apartments and flats, they too consider abiding by Vastu Plan for flats and apartments to ensure the sale of their construction.
Vastu for flats
Over the years, the importance of the right Vastu for flats has increased immensely with the shrinking of the land bank across metropolitans barring people from the luxury of owning a Vastu compliant plot.
Well, surely we can’t help you with that, however, if you are looking to buy a brand new flat, then this blog will answer all your Vastu for flats related questions.
From which direction your kitchen should be in to which direction your bedroom must reside, we have tried to cover all such major Vastu for flats queries. However, if you have more questions to surprise us with, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

Why Vastu for flats is Important?
While modernism has fewer people believing in Vastu but thankfully, the elders in the house have been doing their job well to turn the western-influenced population into believers in Vastu. Well, trust us when we say that complying with Vastu never hurts and will only add positivity to your life.
Vastu for home
While Vastu dosh can lead to loss of wellbeing, financial problems, mental peace and relationship problems, right apartment Vastu, on the other hand, would help your ward off this dosh.
How to Check Vastu for Flats?
And here comes the big question. While many people like taking suggestions from pandits and Vastu consultant to understand how to check Vastu for flats, however, if you read this guide carefully, you would be able to do the job for yourself too.
With that being said, we have divided the blog into multiple sections to help you understand how you can actually check if the flat you are planning to buy is Vastu-compatible.


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