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World Environment Day 2021- Planting Trees According To Your Zodiac Sign

Drishti Gupta MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated Sat, 05 Jun 2021 12:26 PM IST
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Ever since the creation has come into its existence, trees and various plants have contributed a lot in the operation of this creation. Trees have been directly and indirectly in one way or the other in keeping man alive and saving him from many kinds of problems. The contribution has definitely been there. The important role of trees can also be seen in removing Vastu defects. In keeping the environment safe, by taking care of and planting trees, immense benefits can be obtained. People, plants, planets and constellations are made of the same “elements” (fire, earth, air and water) and energies (hot/dry, hot/moist, cold/dry, cold/moist). Plants not only protect the environment but are also capable of affecting human life by subsiding the ill effects of the environment, they provide environmental protection as well, health and happiness.
Jyotishacharya Pandit Rajiv Sharma of Balaji Astrological Research Institute told that “planets and constellations have a lot of influence on every person”. Out of the constellations visible at night in the sky, the 27-star clusters which can be recognized in the astrological calculations are called Nakshatras. The Nakshatra is in which a person is born & its effect can be seen on his life. Therefore, by planting trees as per their constellation the person can get special benefits, & the difficulties of life will also be overcome.
Growing a plant can also change your luck, know which plant you can grow in your house as per your zodiac sign.

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