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Akshaya Tritiya 2022:- pleased Maa Lakshmi by offering a garland of 108 makhanas

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 Apr 2022 04:20 PM IST
Akshaya Tritiya 2022
Akshaya Tritiya 2022 - Photo : Google
The Hindu festival Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, occurs on Tritiya Tithi during the Shukla Paksha of the Vaishakh month. Along with Akshaya Tritiya, the festival of Parashuram Jayanti will be observed on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. For Hindus, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days, and Muhurta is also referred to be a particularly fortunate day in the scriptures. Because Akshay cannot be destroyed, the fortunate benefits of devotion and charitable action are expected on Akshaya Tritiya day. The majority of individuals shop on this day. According to legend, using Makhana in Shri Lakshmi ji's worship on this day is exceedingly auspicious, as is purchasing gold, silver, clothing, automobiles, and other valuables on Akshaya Tritiya. On this day, it is recommended that Makhana be used in the offerings to Goddess Lakshmi. Makhana can help you get wealth and more money in the future.

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Muhurat on Akshaya Tritya

From 05:39 am to 12:18 pm, the Muhurta of Akshaya Tritiya Puja will be exceedingly auspicious. Tritiya Tithi will begin on May 3rd, 2022 at 05:18 a.m. and finish on May 4th, 2022 at 07:32 a.m.

Akshaya Tritiya Remedies
Devotees worship Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu on this day by rising early in the morning, having a bath, and offering incense sticks, sandalwood paste, fruits, and flowers to Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.
 offering 108 makhana garlands to Shri Lakshmi is considered auspicious. On this day, Shri Sukta should be chanted. Worshiping Lord Vishnu, on the other hand, is auspicious. Shri Vishnu recites the Vishnu Chalisa and the Sahasranama. Shri Lakshmi Ji and Lord Vishnu get a special bhog. Aside from that, charity takes on a unique meaning on this day. The Treta Yuga, according to mythology, started on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

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The advantages of doing Akshaya Tritiya Lakshmi Puja
Goddess Lakshmi's heavenly blessing is received. This devotion should be performed by everyone who has a weak Venus in his horoscope. By Maa Lakshmi's grace, ties with other family members are good. Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of riches and prosperity, bestows eternal prosperity and fortune to her worshippers. On Akshaya Tritiya, worshipping Lakshmi might grant wisdom, courage, strength, success, and strength.
The achievement of kid pleasure is achieved by methodically worshipping the Goddess. All types of facilities are within easy reach.
During this time, this puja should be conducted to increase Venus's power. Victory, tenacity, bravery, and self-assurance develop in strength.

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