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Astro Health Remedies 2022: Read, if you’re not bathing after doing these three chores

My jyotish expert Updated 14 Jun 2022 01:47 PM IST
Bathing - Photo : Google

If you are concerned about your health, then do not forget to take a bath after doing these three things.

Bathing is said to be an obligatory act in Hinduism. The body and mind are purified by bathing and this fact is also accepted by science. Bathing is closely linked with Sanatan Dharma. Similarly, to get success in life and to get happiness and prosperity, take a bath. It also become the easiest and best medium. Many policies have been described in the texts for success in life, their policies are considered very beneficial in real life. By following these policies, a person can achieve success in his work. Important things related to human life have been mentioned in the scriptures of Indian culture. Or things are equally relevant in today's life, if understanding the essence of these things and applying their life, then man can lead a happy, satisfied and healthy life.

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Many principles have been told about bathing for good health and it has also been told that it is very important to take bath at some special time in life. If bathing work is not done at this time then it can damage our mental as well as health. Therefore, after doing some special tasks in life, one must take a bath.

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Shower After Massage
After massaging your body with oil, one must take a bath. According to Ayurveda, massaging the body gives strength and strength to the entire body. Massaging the oil in the body increases blood circulation. By massaging the oil, sweat starts coming out of the hair follicles of the body, Therefore, it is necessary to take a bath after an oil massage. Taking bath removes all the impurities from the body and also provides relief from the oiliness generated in the body. New energy is received and positive elements have an immediate effect on the body. after coming from a funeral or crematorium
Taking a bath after returning from the funeral procession or crematorium is said to be extremely necessary. Along with the scriptures, the scientific opinion also confirms this. When someone dies, many types of germs start growing in his body and when anyone goes around or touches the dead body, then the germs present in that place also enter the body and clothes through the air. can, Therefore, after coming from the funeral or cremation ground, it is very important to take bath and wash clothes. Doing these gets success in protecting oneself from impurities. The negativity within you is also eliminated by this.

shower after haircut Whenever you go for a haircut, do not forget to take a bath after that. One must take a bath after a haircut because the hair gets stuck in the body and cannot come out of the body without taking a bath. If you do not take a bath, then these small and fine hairs can become a cause of disease by coming into your food or someone else's infection. For you, this condition can cause physical discomfort as well as it can also lead to infection.
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