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Miraculous astro remedies: Know how you can get rid of all your problems just by feeding animals

My jyotish expert Updated 13 Jun 2022 12:36 PM IST
Feeding Animals
Feeding Animals - Photo : Google

This remedy related to bread will remove the lack of money and will get freedom from discord
Many such simples yet effective remedies are described in astrology, by which a person can change the direction and condition of his life. Every person can be seen worried and sad about some problem in his life. Many things in life like money-property, family, disease, education, career, love, marriage, etc. have a deep impact on life and there is always some desire, due to which the situation of dissatisfaction also starts increasing in life. Is. In such a situation, astrology works from telling you the condition to showing the direction. Various forms of grains-related methods have been taught to eliminate the flaws of all the planets associated with the horoscope and to obtain the answer to your difficulties, calm the planets, and gain success and auspiciousness in the task.

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Food donation-  has been a tradition since the beginning of time. A crucial treatment in such a circumstance is connected to bread, which has the potential to produce remarkable changes in your future. Let us know how various astrological cures relating to bread will help you live a happier life. 


Fill the first loaf of bread with sugar and feed it to the cow first thing in the morning. Aside from that, if your family is constantly fighting, you can try this amazing bread treatment. Take the first roti out for the cow in the afternoon, and the final roti out for the dog in the evening. Before eating it, consider giving it to a cow or a dog. If this isn't possible, wait until later to feed him.

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Advantages Of Working for A Company
On Sunday, give a dog one roti from your plate. This treatment can be repeated regularly. If success is eluding you despite your best efforts, this bread-making method might be a lifesaver. To clear the clogs, cut the roti into little pieces and spread them around the bill for the ants to devour. Your difficulties will begin to fade away as a result of this treatment.

Get Yourself Out Of Debt
After pouring ghee into the roti, divide it into four pieces and feed one to a dog, one to a cow, one to a beggar, and one to a crow. After baking the first roti in the kitchen, brush it with pure ghee and cut it into four pieces, topping each with kheer, sugar, or jaggery. One for the cow, the other for the dog, the third for the crow, and the fourth for the beggar. Pitrudosh is removed by giving roti to a cow, while enemy fear is removed by feeding bread to a dog.

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