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 Know the astrological reason for alcohol addiction and it's necessary remedies

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Mar 2022 09:50 AM IST


Know the astrological reason for alcohol addiction and it's necessary remedies

Be it happiness or sorrow, some people find some excuse or the other to drink alcohol. The condition of liquor contracts before the lockdown was imposed or when liquor contracts were opened for some time, the happiness among the alcoholics was clearly showing how much people are addicted to alcohol. No matter how much the price of alcohol increases, but people do not stop drinking it. The addiction of alcohol is so much that among the people people also drink poisonous liquor. Due to which many people have lost their lives till now. There are also many cases of domestic violence against women after drinking alcohol and this process is going on continuously. Today we will tell you the astrological reasons for getting addicted to alcohol and will also tell you some ways by which alcohol addiction can be removed.

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By looking at the horoscope of the person, with the help of astrology, it can be known whether that person will be addicted to any bad thing or not. Due to the position of some planets present in the horoscope, one gets into the habit of consuming bad things like alcohol.When the Moon is situated in the Ascendant in the horoscope and it is influenced by Rahu, the lord of the sixth house and eleventh house, then in this planetary dasha, a person can get addicted to alcohol.
When Rahu is situated in the first, second, seventh and twelfth house then there is a bad habit of smoking and after that intoxication can also start. If Mars is in the ascendant and Venus is in an inauspicious state, then the person takes the help of drugs for entertainment. Such persons do a lot of ego along with addiction. They do not consider anyone in front of them. They are addicted not only to drugs but also to eating non-vegetarian food.If the Moon is in Adra, Swati and Shatabhisha Nakshatra along with Rahu, then the person may become addicted to alcohol and cigarette smoking.
In the horoscope, if Rahu is seated in Scorpio and there is a vision of Saturn or Mars on the Moon, then the person gets addicted to drugs at an early age.
 Astrologers believe that if there is a relationship between the planets Venus and Rahu in the horoscope, then the person consumes alcohol excessively.
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 When the planet Venus is placed in a debilitated state in the horoscope, even in such a situation the person may get addicted to drugs.

 Know about the ways by which drug addiction can be weaned

  • If a person is addicted to alcohol, then he should wear turmeric garland and topaz gemstone, this will gradually leave the addiction of alcohol.
  •  Considered to be a part of Lord Shiva, Rudraksha awakens the conscience of a person and makes him give up his bad habits. In such a situation, wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha gets rid of addiction. Similarly, if Rudraksha is worn in Panch Dhatu, then its results are available soon.
  • If you want to get rid of intoxication, then you should worship Goddess Mata on Sunday or Friday.
  • By wearing Irani Firoz, one gets rid of intoxication. It is said that this stone is affected by Saturn.
  • Those who observe fast on Friday, they get rid of drug addiction soon. Donating make-up items to married women on Friday, its results become much bette


Know the astrological reason for alochol addiction and it's nessasary remedies


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