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Astrological remedies to deal with Domestic Quarrels and problems with your life partner

My jyotish expert Updated 02 Aug 2021 11:40 AM IST
Domestic Quarrels
Domestic Quarrels - Photo : Google
Sometimes there are unnecessary fights with the partner over small things. Because of this, mutual bonding does not get better. Sometimes the reason for these quarrels is also the negativity of the house. Everyone wants to spend their married life very well, but this does not happen with everyone. Sometimes it becomes difficult for husband and wife to live under one roof. There are unnecessary fights over small things. Although later he also realizes his mistake, by then the atmosphere of the house deteriorates.

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Due to more quarrels, husband and wife either talk less with each other or start hiding things. Because of this, a better bonding could not be made between the two. Sometimes these small things take such a big form that even divorce comes. But do you know that sometimes the reason for these quarrels is also the negativity of the house? Know here some such astrological remedies which are helpful in removing the negativity of your house and improving your relationship as well.

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These astrological remedies will help
1. While cooking, keep the first roti aside and divide it into four equal parts. Keep the first cow, the second dog, the third crow or any bird, and the fourth at the crossroads. Do this work continuously for a few days. This will reduce the complications of your married life to a great extent.
2. Worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati regularly. In the coming days of Sawan, offer water to Shivling daily and offer white flowers in the morning. After this chant Om Parvati Pataye Namah at least 108 times.
3. Take care of the cleanliness of your bedroom and reduce the habit of making spicy and eating food in the house. Put a picture of Radha Krishna in the bedroom, but there should not be any other gopis with him in this picture.
4. On Sunday night, keep a silver glass filled with milk at your head and offer it to the acacia tree in the morning. Apart from this, tie a picture of your wedding in a red frame and put it in your room.
5. On Monday or Saturday, grind wheat flour and mix black gram in it. By making its Rotis and eating it, the troubles of the house are eradicated. Apart from this, keep Tulsi in the east or north direction of the house. This removes the Vastu defects of the house.

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Feng Shui Butterfly also worked
Blue Feng Shui Butterfly is also considered very useful to improve the relationship between husband and wife. It is believed that if two butterflies are planted together in the bedroom, then the relationship between husband and wife starts improving, and love increases. But put it in a place where it can be clearly seen.

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