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Astrology 2022: Know about these essential astrological remedies to please God

My Jyotish Expert Updated 21 May 2022 08:03 PM IST
Astrology 2022
Astrology 2022 - Photo : google

Burning camphor is very auspicious. Camphor should be lit in the house in the morning and evening after Sandhya Vandana. After worship, there is a tradition of burning camphor and taking its aarti. Camphor has a special significance in the work of worship. Burning camphor before sleeping at night is considered auspicious.

The use of camphor is also useful in eradicating the Vastu defects of the house. If the staircase, toilet, or door of the house is constructed in the wrong direction, then burn every single Tikki of camphor at that place by doing this the Vastu defect will be corrected.

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 It is good to read Hanuman Chalisa in evening worship. By doing this, Hanuman Ji's blessings are obtained and at the same time, one gets saved from the untoward incident.

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Incense is given in two ways.
The first method is the incense of Guggal camphor and the second is mixed with jaggery and ghee and placed on a burning candle and incense is given.
If you are not able to give incense every day, then you must give incense both in the morning and evening on Teras, Chaudas, Amavasya, and Purnima.
 If there is a crisis on any family member of the house, then blow a coconut with water from above such person 21 times and burn it in the fire after going to some deity.
Do this remedy on Tuesday and Saturday. By doing this remedy on 5 Saturdays or 5 Tuesdays, one gets relief from sudden troubles in life.
 It is auspicious to go to the temple every day. Go to Shiva temple on Monday, Hanuman temple on Tuesday, Durga Devi temple on Wednesday, Friday to Kali Mata and Lakshmi Mata temple and on Saturday to Shani Dev's temple and on Sunday go to Vishnu's temple. This gives auspicious results.
Some things are very important in the auspicious work of worship. Incense, Deep, Sandalwood, Kumkum, Ashwagandha, Water, Agar, Camphor, Ghrita, Jaggery, Ghee, Flowers, Fruits, Panchamrit, Panchagavya, Naivedh Havan, Conch, Ghanta, Rangoli, Mandana, Courtyard-adornment, Tulsi, Tilak, Molly The use of the swastika, Om, peepal, paan and banana leaves in worship is considered very auspicious. Taking care of all these things in worship gives special fruits of worship. The worshiper should take care of purification. Take a bath and wear clean clothes before sitting in the puja. God is pleased with all these things and God's grace remains on him.
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