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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Astrology 2022:-How Shani's karma fruit affects Aries and Leo zodiac signs

Astrology 2022:- Know how Shani's karma fruit affects Aries and Leo zodiac signs

My Jyotish Expert Updated 21 May 2022 10:18 AM IST
Astrology 2022
Astrology 2022 - Photo : Google
Many people see their karma by associating it with their planet-nakshatra. The effect of planets has a profound effect on life, there is no opinion on this, but at the same time our actions also show their effect, that is why the principle of karma has been shown in the Gita as well. In astrology, Shani has been given the right of the fruit of action. Shani has got the post of a magistrate. Let us know how Shani becomes the bearer of actions, as well as what is the relationship between both Karma and Shani. What effect does this have on one's life?

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From the astrological point of view, Shani is called the teacher, he is the lord of karma and wherever he is in the horoscope, he shows the karma related to that house, Shani presents the house wise lessons that you need to learn in this life. He teaches us by placing obstacles in front of us. Similarly, Shani knows the right path for you and it motivates you to choose that path. Often people must have seen this saying – Sade Sati changed my life and my perceptions towards life, this is because Shani is now connecting with new things. Bringing you to the ground of truth and connecting you.

Saturn in Aries
People with Saturn in Aries may find themselves in a leadership role. This can make you more socially aware than others about right or wrong. Responsibility will be a major concern in your actions. The demands of the people around you will dominate your consciousness. You can be a brilliant athlete and a courageous person. You can be the first to start a project or start a new trend. The trouble is that your persistence power is not that strong.
negative impact
Saturn in Aries can also make it difficult for a person to stay motivated, which can lead to distraction and frustration. Putting yourself ahead of others will probably be extraordinarily difficult for you. It shows dominating nature in career, abuse of one's will, domineering, uncooperative, self-centered, selfishness, impatient, impulsive, and lack of courage. Guilt and worry can haunt you over those issues.

Saturn in Taurus
People with Saturn in Taurus tend to base their self-esteem on their wealth. They use time and resources wisely. As long as one does not subject one's life to powerful self-discipline, ambition remains quiet.
negative impact
Saturn in Taurus can also lead to possessiveness, dependence, egoistic nature, and materialistic life. Saturn in Taurus shows misuse of money, extravagance, greed, stinginess, materialism, stubbornness, narrow-minded, fear of poverty, and hoarding.

Saturn in Gemini
People with Saturn in Gemini are considered strong, positive, and intellectual. They have a bit of impulsivity with an irritable nature. It will make you feel sick and at ease as you go about your day-to-day life. You can come across as cold and reserved. You can use it to your advantage by listening to people. That way you don't have to talk much, yet people will love to listen to you. You will be able to express your thoughts through writing. Education also progresses under the influence of Saturn.
negative impact
People with Saturn in Gemini tend to trust their minds, becoming more and more intellectual instead of believing what is going on. Saturn in Gemini shows misuse of one's power of communication and influence, fear of expressing oneself, feeling of intellectual inferiority, and shyness.

Saturn in Cancer
Shani signifies a strong connection to family and home for Cancer. The native is very intuitive about human needs. The person has good memory power. Your caring instinct can lead you to a career in culinary arts, hospitality, or nursing.
negative impact
Addiction to anything leads to evil in some form or the other, similarly, people fall into this category because Saturn in Cancer makes the person more and more sensitive. They also emotionally block people from leaving there. Saturn shows insecurity, over-sensitive, over-dependent, self-protective, withdrawal, fear of abandonment, fear of intimacy, fear of expressing one's feelings or emotional needs, and inhibition of giving and receiving love.

Saturn in Leo
People with Saturn in Leo are natural leaders. They are usually unruly, punctual, and disciplined. Can be egotistical or self-centered, often meticulously brilliant doers.
negative impact
Not all people are great leaders; Some confuse it with ruling other people as well. The same is the case with Singh. Saturn in Leo signifies improper use of one's will or authority, rigidity, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, and fear of expressing oneself.
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