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Astrology 2022: things to be done and avoided on Tuesday for good luck

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Mar 2022 07:15 AM IST
Astrology 2022
Astrology 2022 - Photo : Google

Astrology 2022: things to be done and avoided on Tuesday for good luck

Don't eat eggs on Tuesday, don't cut nails on Tuesday, don't get hair cut on Tuesday. All of us, once in a lifetime, have been told so by our elders. But what is the basis of saying that our elders do something on Tuesday and what should not be done on Tuesday? Well, in this blog, we will clear all your such doubts.

In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a god and a planet. According to astrology, Tuesday is the day of Bajrangbali and is also a day dedicated to the planet Mars. Worshiping Lord Hanuman on this day is considered auspicious. And likewise, doing such things which God does not like is considered inauspicious.

When it comes to Mars, Mars is the force behind one's valor, valor and courage. Mars also has a special effect on blood due to its red color. Our astrologers say that worshiping Mars on Tuesday can get rid of Mangal or Manglik Dosha.

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In astrology, a person can have low, medium and high Mangal dosha in his horoscope. While low and medium manglik doshas are not a cause for concern most of the time, having high manglik doshas can affect you negatively. Manglik Dosh is believed to be the reason for delay in marriage of some natives. So whenever possible, it is best to follow the remedies to please the planet Mars. And to be honest, it will not be possible to please Mars if you are doing or buying these things on Tuesday.

Avoid doing these things on Tuesday

Don't shave on tuesday

Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is also called Angaraka and is associated with heat. This day can affect the human body and related elements like blood and can cause anger much more easily than any other day. Hence it is recommended not to indulge in risky things like shaving which can become a matter of great concern to you. If you really want to shave then Wednesday is the best day to shave.

Do not make urad dal on Tuesday

Another thing that you should avoid doing on Tuesday is making urad dal at home. According to our astrologers, urad dal is related to the planet Saturn. And if you know that the conjunction of Saturn and Mars can cause huge damage to the native and his family. Mars and Mercury are enemy planets in astrology. So you should make sure that no situation of conjunction of both the planets should arise.

Don't cut nails on tuesday

 Apart from Thursday and Saturday, cutting nails on Tuesday is also considered inauspicious. But why is it bad to cut nails on Tuesday? According to astrology, every type of waste material like nails, hair, dirt etc. is ruled by Saturn. And things like weapons, razors, nail cutters, scissors etc are ruled by the planet Mars. The clash of these two things can harm one's body, especially on a day when Mars or Saturn is full of energy. Therefore, one should avoid cutting nails or hair on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Don't get into a fight with your older brother

In astrology, Mars rules the relationship with the elder brother. Therefore, one should never fight with his elder brother on Tuesday. In any such fight you may intentionally or unintentionally harm them. This can also lead to a long enmity between you and your elder brother.

Don't wear black clothes on tuesday

Hanuman ji and Mars do not like art color at all. Instead, a person should wear red clothes on Tuesdays. If you wear red clothes on Tuesday, then you get freedom from the ill effects of Mangal Dosha. However, if you wear black clothes on Tuesday it can hinder your growth and prosperity. You may also feel mental tension.

Don't dig the ground

 Hanuman ji is also known as Bhumiputra in Hinduism. So on his auspicious day, if you dig up the land, it can surely offend the Lord. Therefore, you should not lay the foundation of your house on Tuesday. According to astrologers, Monday and Thursday are considered to be the most auspicious days to worship the land.

Avoid buying these things on Tuesday

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First and foremost, a person should not buy any kind of makeup on Tuesdays as it can lead to a rift between the married couple or even in the relationship. According to astrology, Monday and Friday are the best days to buy makeup. If you are planning to gift something to a woman as their spouse or lover, then make sure not to give it on Tuesday. If you want, you can gift them the same gift a day after or before their birthday.

Black dress

Apart from avoiding wearing only black clothes on Tuesday, you should also not buy black clothes on Tuesday. Buying black clothes on Mangalavar brings bad luck and attracts negative energy to the native. It can also attract Saturn and as you know, Mars and Shani are not a good partner. Wear red colored clothes on Tuesday as it is auspicious.

Iron products

Things made of iron or iron like nail cutter, scissors etc. should not be bought on Tuesday. As mentioned above, buying iron things on Tuesday can cause physical harm to the person.

Incense burner

In many cases our astrologers accordingly, Havan should not be done on Tuesday. Also, havan material should not be bought on Tuesday. Also, when you are performing the Havan, make sure it is over by noon.

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