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Astrology 2022|know these tips for mediation to keep keen focus for peaceful mind

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Mar 2022 07:40 AM IST
meditation, spirituality, benefits
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Why does the mind wander during meditation, how to focus it

The mind becomes fickle. It doesn't take any work easily. Its versatility sometimes becomes the cause of stress. Especially when you meditate for peace of mind. Meditating becomes a very difficult task when you do not have control over your mind. Today we will talk about this reason why the mind wanders while meditating.

Meditation is a very important activity for mental peace. When we sit to calm the mind through meditation, we focus on some mantra, breath, chakra, energy space, etc. At the time of meditation, the seeker has to keep his attention on that goal. Maintaining this pause is called meditation. Its practice gets better with time. Due to which a person can concentrate well. With this, a person provides himself with mental and emotional peace. Mental and emotional rest is as important as physical rest.

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But the mind keeps on wandering in the thoughts of the world according to its habit. Due to which it becomes difficult to focus on a particular place or object during meditation.
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Let me tell you that if the mind is kept calm throughout the day, then meditation is the simplest action. Whatever work we do throughout the day has a direct effect on the mind. In addition, physical, mental, intellectual and emotional activities are also affected. When you keep the mind completely calm with this effect, that action is called meditation.
The mind will run into different thoughts according to its habit. For example, suppose a shopkeeper thinks about the shop and the customers throughout the day, then even when he sits to meditate, his mind will run in that direction and there will be difficulty in concentrating. In the same way, at the time of meditation, the thoughts of bread for the hungry, marriage for the bachelor, education for the student, job for the unemployed will come to mind.
The reality is that whatever we think or talk about throughout the day, the same thoughts and things come to mind during meditation. Which makes it difficult to concentrate.
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If you also want to meditate, if you want to get mental rest along with physical comfort, get relief from stress, then you should keep the mind calm throughout the day. Don't think about the same thing all day. Don't get stressed about everything. Most importantly, for this you have to rise above desires. The curiosity to know about everything has to be given up.
You have to practice meditation. You will have a lot of trouble in the beginning. But as you practice you will be able to feel the difference in yourself. When you start meditating slowly. After that increase the time period. Then after a time meditate daily for a fixed time period.
By doing this you will get mental rest, you will get relief from stress and you will also be emotionally strong. You will get less angry. Also, your confidence in yourself will increase. Your beauty will also increase. Your face will glow and you will also get freedom from many physical diseases. The ability to fight diseases 

That is why it is said that after waking up in the morning, everyone must meditate for some time.
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