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Astrology Special - Know How sometimes helping others can land you in Trouble

My Jyotish Expert Updated 23 Apr 2022 09:56 PM IST
Helping Someone
Helping Someone - Photo : Google
It is very common to ask for things from your friend, neighbor, or colleague when needed.  We should also help each other; this is also a very appropriate thing because when needed, the work of our own people cThe pen is a very important item; its importance has been told in the Vedas as well.

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omes.  But today you should know one thing this habit of asking for everything when needed and lending everything without thinking to anyone on demand is not at all right. There are some things that by borrowing or giving you invite troubles and bad times in your life. Today we will tell you about the things that should not be borrowed or given.

The pen is the first item on this list:-This is such an item that the students studying in the school can borrow the pen from their classmates and in case of great need, from anyone. This is such a thing that no one hesitates to ask for and everyone gives it without hesitation. But the pen should neither be borrowed from anyone nor should the pen be loaned to anyone. Because by doing this the progress in the life of both the people stop.

The next item is the ring:- the ring is an item of makeup that both men and women wear. Some people wear gold, and silver rings, some people wear rings for hobbies, while some people wear rings after getting rattan inlay according to astrology to fix their planets. This is something that should neither be asked for nor lent to anyone.  It is believed that if a person lends or takes a ring, then he has to face financial problems in the coming life.

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A comb is one such item that girls share a lot. When we go to someone's house, we usually take our clothes. But forget to carry the comb. In such a situation, we take a comb from someone else for use. If you also have this habit, then leave this habit immediately because it is not considered good to give a comb to another person or to use another person's comb. This habit is not considered good in both science and astrology. Health experts say that there is a risk of infection from using another person's comb. On the other hand, it has been told in astrology that doing a comb transaction has an adverse effect on luck.

You will not even know when your good times will turn into bad times by transacting this time-telling item.  We are talking about a clock, a clock is an object that tells time.  It has been seen many times that people lend watches to each other very easily. Because they do not know that both the good and bad times of a person are associated with the clock, the person who asks for the watch invites the person whose watch is taken along with his bad time in his life.  That's why say clock transactions should always be avoided.

It is a commodity whose transactions are very common. The transaction of this item usually goes on between friends and family and relatives. In friends, when a friend likes someone's dress, then he borrows his dress from him and this is normal, no one even thinks about it and gives it without any hesitation. Similarly, when someone's clothes become small in the family, he gives them to his younger siblings or relatives. This is not only bad in terms of health, but it has also been described as a bad habit in the scriptures. According to astrology, one should never borrow someone's clothes and should never lend one's clothes to anyone. It has been told in the scriptures that whenever you wear someone's clothes, whether it is for a long time or for a short time, you invite many kinds of troubles in your life.
If you want that you do not have to face unnecessary problems in your life, and then do not deal with all these things with anyone.
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