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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Lal Kitab 2022 :These great remedies of this book can make you healthy and achieve success.

Lal Kitab 2022 :These great remedies of this book can make you healthy and achieve success.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 23 Apr 2022 04:54 PM IST
Laal kitaab
Laal kitaab - Photo : Google

Lal Kitab 2022 :These great remedies of this book can make you healthy and achieve success.


आरोग्यम्परमं सुखम्” means that being healthy is the best happiness of life, it is equally important for a person to be healthy not only physically but also having mental health.  Many times we get to see that a person looks strong from outside but many problems surround him inside like mental anxiety, stress etc.  When a person gets sick, a person consults different doctors, but still he does not get benefit, when sick, the patient and other members of the household start to experience mental disturbance and anxiety, but if from the point of view of astrology If we see, the effect of planets and constellations on the health of a person is widely, which is responsible for making a person ill.  But as we have always been telling that astrology not only tells the reasons, but it also has an equal duty to tell the remedies to solve the problem.  These special remedies of Vedic astrology are described in Lal Kitab, which gives the person the basic mantra of health and happy life.  So in general we can say that Lal Kitab gives a person the boon of health throughout life.

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 Miracle remedies to get rid of diseases

 To remain disease free and healthy in life, it has become necessary for us to follow the tradition which has been going on for centuries.  Because the mantras which are mentioned in our Vedic scriptures and astrology have been tried and tested for centuries somewhere.  But today man has become so much dependent on this comfortable life that he no longer needs them.  As in the Vedas also it has been told that from where diseases come in the house.  The arrival of diseases in the house also comes from outsiders through slippers and shoes, which we have been ignoring.  That is why in the olden times the entry of shoes and slippers was prohibited inside the house.  At the same time, it was equally important to take food sitting in the kitchen, because the kitchen is the only place in the whole house where the fire burns and even after winning with this fire, bacteria, viruses are spread in the air, they are eliminated.  
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 Now, as far as the remedies of Lal Kitab are concerned, to correct the bad condition of Mars and Mercury in the horoscope, donate whole almonds to small girls on Tuesday or feed black gram to goat on Wednesday.
  • To solve the conjunction of Mars and Venus, feed the cow with green fodder equal to its weight, do this remedy once every three months, all the problems will end or take a handful of barley or black mustard, wash it with milk and make water flow.  Give it, or keep it in an open place, where birds can come.
  • If a person remains ill even after all the treatment, then keep the root of Sahadevi near him in Pushya Nakshatra, he will start getting freedom from the disease. If it seems that the pain in the body is not ending, then put a little Ganges water in the bathing bucket and take a bath.
  • Cook two and a half kilograms of millet porridge on Saturday afternoon and mix a little jaggery in it and keep it in an earthen pot.  At the time of sunset, move that handi on the patient's body seven times from left to right and keep silent at the crossroads.  Do not look back or talk to anyone while passing by.
  • Take off the paddy grinding pestle and broom from above the patient and keep it by his head.
  • Make a thick roti by kneading 600 grams barley flour in 100 grams black sesame, mustard oil and cook it on one side.  Be careful not to reverse the rot.
  •  For health benefits to a person suffering from prolonged illness, after cooking one and a half kg of jaggery dumplings in mustard oil, on Saturdays and Sundays, after lowering it from the patient's body, chant the above mantra 'Om Rakshaso Vidvanshkarakaya Namah' daily.  Then add pieces of dumpling to eagles, crows, pigeons, birds and feed gram, jaggery to monkeys.  Do this 3,5or7 times, there is definite profit.
  • If you are taking the name of getting sick from home, then keeping a Gomti Chakra in a handi and tying it on the foot of the patient's bed gives amazing results.  From the day the experiment starts.
  • Chant the following mantra during an eclipse and adapt it to yourself.  After this, whenever required, recite this mantra seven times in a cassock bowl filled with water and throw it in the water and give it to the patient.  
  • By the grace of Lord Shri Ram, all diseases will come to an end.
  • By adopting all these measures in our daily life, the most incurable disease can be diagnosed
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