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Astrology Special: Pregnant Ladies must follow these remedies for a Bright & worthy Child

My Jyotish Expert Updated 02 May 2022 12:49 PM IST
Astrology Special
Astrology Special - Photo : Google
Many types of fantasies are born within the woman regarding the birth of a child, pregnancy is one of the most amazing and important stages in a woman's life. Giving birth to a new life is a very thrilling and enjoyable feeling along with being an emotional change in itself. Astrology shows the future actions of our life as well as the major situation related to child happiness, through which we also know in detail about how to get a worthy child. According to the entire time of childbirth, the role of planets and constellations is going to affect the quality of children, which plays a major role in deciding to get the best child.

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Astrological tips for pregnant women

The pregnancy of any woman is nine months and during these nine months, the fetus has the power to receive emotional and mental stress or peace from its mother along with the natural inheritance of family genes. Venus, the planet of love, gives the best results in the first month, so weak Venus will show some problems with the mother. Therefore, both husband and wife should keep their house clean and tidy.

The Second Month
Mars influences the second month of pregnancy and governs bones and blood, so a healthy and strong child is possible only when Mars is strong in the parent's horoscope. Spicy food should be avoided during this month and it is good to wear a copper bracelet in your right hand.

The Third Month
The third month belongs to Jupiter and if the mother's Jupiter is strong and well-positioned, it gives the child beautiful skin as well as spiritual inclination.

The Fourth Month
Fourth Month This month of pregnancy belongs to the Sun, which is very important for the overall healthy development of the child. Strong Sun in the parent's horoscope gives the child individual mental ability and ability to make his own decisions with intelligence. Drink a lot of water in a copper glass during this month.

The Fifth Month
The 5th month is of the moon and if the mother's moon is good and strong then the child's behavior and emotions are balanced, parents should take these measures to ensure that their child has a good moon, in a silver glass Drinking water and worshiping moon is auspicious.

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The Sixth Month
The sixth month This is the month of Shani and good Shani signifies a strong nervous system, so avoid eating such food which causes gas formation in your body, and food rich in iron is best.

The Seventh Month
During the 7th month of pregnancy, Mercury is responsible for making your baby mentally active, very intelligent, and smart, so eating lots of green vegetables in the 7th month will keep the health of the mother and baby good.

The Eighth Month
The 8th month is your worship or worship of the IshtaDevta, irrespective of your religion. One should follow his path of faith in his almighty for the blessings of his child.

The Ninth Month
The 9th month is the time when the child is to be born. This month is again the Moon's factor of mother, so it is auspicious to follow some simple rules for the good health of mother and child.
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