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Career Astrology 2022: Know the effects of planets on your Zodiac & Career

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Apr 2022 08:14 AM IST
Career Astrology 2022
Career Astrology 2022 - Photo : Google
Much of your life depends on your career, so your career isn't just about what you want to do
Rather than what you can do and what you should do, many people choose their career on different aspects, some choose it from their childhood dreams, some may choose from family responsibility, Some do not know what they are doing and what to do, according to astrology, planets and zodiac signs play an important role in the aspects of your career. Like the effect of the moon on the development of thoughts and actions in the mind which helps you to show some career-related traits. Similarly, the influence of the Sun also greatly affects the position of the field of action in the horoscope because it is the soul and light. For a deeper understanding of the birth chart, career and which planet is responsible for your career, and know-how planets can affect our lives, a thorough analysis of the horoscope -

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Effect of 10th house planets on your career
Each house in astrology has a unique meaning and representation of specific areas of your life. In astrology, the tenth house of the horoscope is the karmic house, which tells about your social status and the type of your karmic field. By studying this house, your career path can be known. Let us have a look at the effect of the planets present in the tenth house and their effect on your career.

Sun Planet
The position of Sun in the tenth house can help in making you an extremely successful Karmayogi. Due to the presence of the Sun in the tenth house, the natives move ahead rapidly in their careers. In astrology, Sun signifies authority, strong Sun in your horoscope will lead you to prestigious careers like administration department or political career, CEO of big organizations, etc. This planet also represents government services.

Moon Planet
If the Moon is in the tenth house, the person can become a taker in the business related to duty from service and motherhood. Through this service work, one can work as an interior designer, nurse, senior center doctor, caretaker, doctor, or dentist. Water-related works can also be auspicious for the native. Moon is a soothing gentle planet, strong Moon in your horoscope represents careers involving emotions and care, such as nursing, psychology, therapy, etc.

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Mars Planet
When Mars is in the tenth house, the natives are motivated by careers. They have a consistent and unwavering commitment to their professional objectives. Mars represents the epitome of courage both mental and physical, a strong Mars in your horoscope can take you to bold and commanding positions like army, police, professional sportsperson, etc.

Mercury Planet
With the presence of Mercury in the tenth house, there is more possibility of doing business of speaking and writing. This planet represents the demand for communication, be it oral, written, or even internet type of communication. Suitable careers can be teaching, publishing, writing, journalism, etc.

Venus Planet
Venus is considered to be the planet of women, which signifies beauty and entertainment, suitable careers can be modeling, acting, beauty parlor, luxuries like designing, fashion designing, interior designing, etc.

Saturn Planet
In astrology, Saturn in the tenth house gives extraordinary results as it elevates a person to new working levels and also makes them particularly hardworking. According to astrology, Shani is the planet of karma, career can include physical work like agriculture, labor, building construction, etc., and all these
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