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Avoid buying these 7 things on Saturday

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 May 2021 02:46 PM IST
Shani Dev
Shani Dev - Photo : MyJyotish Expert
It is said that shani dev can make a king a beggar if angered and can make a beggar a king if shani dev is pleased and because of it people are scared to offend shani dev and in this Blog we will tell you about things not to do for Saturday and by avoiding these things you can bring happiness to your home.
  • Don’t buy SALT on Saturday it is belived that buying salt on Saturday will bring negative energy and will also increases the debt on the house hold 
  • Do not wear black clothes or wear any thing black on Saturday and should also not polish your black shoes if you do the above mentioned things you are set to fail for your whole day.
  • Should stay away from buying iron things for the day. It can angered shani dev 
  • One should not buy sesame seed on Saturday it will cause problem for the whole Day‘
  • Don’t buy broom on Saturdays because it brings poverty to your house 
  • Mustard oil for personal use should be avoided because on Saturdays we offer it to shani dev only .
  • Purchasing wooden items should be avoided on Saturday buying wooden item on Saturday is consider bad.
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