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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Balram Jayanti : Know about the festival ,muhurat and puja methods for son's longevity

Balram Jayanti : Know about the festival, muhurat and puja methods for son's longevity

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Aug 2021 09:30 PM IST
Balram Jayanti: Know about the festival, muhurat and puja methods for son's longevity
Balram Jayanti: Know about the festival, muhurat and puja methods for son's longevity - Photo : Google
Balaram Jayanti: When is Balram Jayanti? Women fast, learn muhurat and puja methods for son's longevity
Balaram Jayanti 2021 Date: Balramji was the elder brother of Shri Krishna. Balram Jayanti is celebrated on the 6th day of the Krishna side of bhadas. Women fast for the longevity and prosperity of their sons on this day.

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Balaram Jayanti 2021 Puja Vidhi: Shri Krishna Janmashtami as well as Balram Jayanti are important in Hinduism. On Balram Jayanti, putravati women worship Lord Krishna's elder brother Balram by fasting for the long life and economic prosperity of their sons. According to the Hindi Panchang, Balram Jayanti is celebrated on the 6th day of the Krishna side of the month of Bhadrapada. While the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated on the Ashtami date. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated on the Ashtami date. This year Balram Jayanti 28th August 2021 will celebrate.
Balram Ji wears a pestle and a plough. That is why they are also called haldhars. In the eastern region of India, Bhadon Krishna Shashti is also known as Lalai Chhath.
*Balram Jayanti Shubh Muhurat

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1.6th date of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha begins: 27th August 2021 from 06.48 pm on Friday
2. 6th date of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha ends: 28th August 2021 day till 8:56 pm on Saturday
3. Balram Jayanti Vrat and Pujan : On August 28, 2021
Balram Jayanti Vrat Puja Vidhi: On this day, putravati women take bath in the morning, etc., and resolve to fast and worship. In the Shashti puja, a small branch of thorny or palas is buried in the ground or in pots and worshipped by law. In its worship, the leaves of the palas are worshipped by placing mahuva flowers and curd made of buffalo milk. During the whole day, the Nirjala fast is observed by eating mahuva flower and buffalo milk curd in the auspicious muhurat in the evening.
There is a religious belief that the Shashti vrat brings happiness, peace, wealth, fame, etc. in the lives of sons. They get long life and are as strong as Balaram. That is why women observe this fast with full reverence. 
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Balarama, The Elder Brother of Lord Sri Krishna
 Balarama additionally referred to as Balabhadra, is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. He is stated to be the avatar of Shesha. According to legend, Shesha is stated to be the king of all snakes and holds the whole universe on its hood. Lord Vishnu is regularly depicted to be resting on Shesha. Being so close, it's far apparent for the 2 to be born as brothers, Lord Krishna and Balram. Balrama is the 1/3 avatar of Shesha, the others being Sheshnag, Lakshman, and Ramanuj
 He is stated to have an honest complexion, and clad in a darkish blue vest, hence the call Nilavastra. He makes use of the plough (Hala), club (khetaka), and the pestle (musala) as his weapons, and he's referred to as Halayudha, Halabhrit, and Musali due to this. He became hooked on wine and became very short-tempered and stubborn, now and again even preventing with Lord Krishna.
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He is likewise taken into consideration to be the Shankarshana shape and 8 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Once it so happened, that Indra and the alternative gods have been bored to death with the atrocities of the Demon King of Mathura, Kamsa. They went to Lord Vishnu soliciting a solution. Vishnu took one black and one white hair from his head and promised to the gods that those might be liable for the give up of Kamsa and his reign.
Birth of Lord Balarama
The white hair (Balarama) and the black hair (Krishna) incarnated withinside the womb of Devaki. To shop Balarama from getting killed with the aid of using Kamsa, Vishnu transferred him to the womb of Rohini. Thus, Krishna changed into being born Devaki, and Balarama changed into being born to Rohini. Both the brothers might move directly to kill Kamsa and wreck his evil empire.
Balaram is depicted as a deity of strength, power, agriculture, and fertility, hence the call Balaram (Ram with a plough). He is regularly proven with a sword, shield, pitcher, and ingesting cup in his hand.

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Balarama changed into being born withinside the village of Gokul to Rohini and Nanda, the pinnacle of the cowherds. He changed into born withinside the complete moon month of Sridhara, on Raksha Bandhan. He changed to start with named Ram, however got here to be called Balarama as he changed into immensely effective and usually carried a plough in his hand. He had many adventures together along with his more youthful brother Krishna, who he cherished a lot.
 Balarama’s Fight with Demon Dhenuka
Once whilst he changed into a kid, he killed the demon Dhenuka, who had taken the shape of a donkey. The demon withinside the shape of a donkey attempted to assault Balarama, wondering him to be Krishna, however, Balarama held him with the aid of using his hind legs and whirled him until he died. Another demon attempted to hold off Balaram on his shoulders, however, Balaram smashed his brains out and killed him.
Balaram followed Krishna on his adventure to Mathura and ably supported him in bringing the downfall of Kamsa and his evil minions. He additionally killed Pralamba and Mushtika in a wrestling match. After the dying of Kamsa and the prophecy fulfilled, Balarama and Krishna went to the ashram of Sage Sandipani in Ujjain for reaching know-how from him. When Balarama turned into of marriageable age, he married Revati, the daughter of King Kakudmi, ruler of Anarta.

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Once while Balaram turned intoxicated, he felt like taking a bath. So, he is known as upon the river Yamuna to fulfill his wish, however, nobody heeded his request. He was given so indignantly due to that that he ploughed the riverbed and carried it anyplace he went, till the river needed to anticipate her human shape and ask for forgiveness. This incident gave him the call Yamunabhid or Kalindikarshana, a breaker of Yamuna.

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Samba, the son of Krishna, turned into as soon as imprisoned via way of means of Duryodhana in Hastinapur. Balaram demanded Samba be release, however, nobody heard his demands. So, he ploughed the complete metropolis and went berserk and rampaged thru the entire metropolis, destroying maximum of it. Such turned into his rage that nobody turned into capable of preventing him. Finally, the Kauravas requested his forgiveness and launched Samba. He had additionally killed Dwivida, the high-quality ape who had stolen his weapons.

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