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Deep Sidhu Death: know about the Kundali and horoscope of Bappi Lahiri

My Joytish expert Updated 16 Feb 2022 02:42 PM IST
Bappi Lahiri - RIP
Bappi Lahiri - RIP - Photo : Google
Bappi Lahiri was a famous Indian singer, composer, disco musician and record producer. Bappi Lahiri has had a unique bond with his work, friends and family. Bappi Lahiri also had a unique talent for maintaining harmony in his personality. Bappi Lahiri continued to receive state support or cooperation and respect from high officials, which is clearly visible in his horoscope. By, the exalted position of Mars in the horoscope of Pisces born Bappi Da and the exalted position of Saturn in Libra gives him courage and a unique ability to connect with society, which is also clearly seen in his image, Sun Being in Sagittarius signifies excessive enthusiasm and vivacity in self-confidence. The influence of the sun sign Sagittarius showed a wonderful combination of attraction and at the same time, a unique example of talent was set. Due to the influence of Mars, the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm are seen in his songs.

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Daam Yoga brought fame

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The Dam Yoga formed in the horoscope has become the basic basis of fame in their life. Due to the effect of Daam Yoga, the education of the person is good. Due to the effect of this, they get the support of friends. He also had a passion for living life. The leader in his field is the one who plays the role of head in the family became socially famous for his works.
Recipient of national and international recognition, Bappi Lahiri is a renowned and multiple award-winning Indian singers, record producer, lyricist and politician who has established himself as an unmatched figure in the world of Bollywood and beyond with a career spanning over five decades. Did The Bengali-born artist has got the credit of being the first person to bring disco to Indian film. With several notable box office successes including "Satyamev Jayate", "Aaya Toofan", "Rowdy Gari Paylam" and "Police Mathu Dada", he maintains a theatrical presence that complements his artistic pedigree.
The disco king had a great affinity for gold Known as Bappi Da, he was known for his hit numbers as much as he was known for his fascination for gold. Bappi Lahiri was known as the true blue 'disco king' of Bollywood of the 80s and 90s, especially for his widely popular songs for films such as Namak Halal, Disco Dancer and Dance Dance. He also composed songs for films like Adventures of Tarzan, Satyamev Jayate, Commando, Aaj Ke Shahenshah, Thanedar, Numbri Aadmi and Shola and Shabnam.
In the last decade, Bappi Lahiri sang songs like Ooh La La for The Dirty Picture, Tune Mari Pravesh for Gunday, Tamma Tamma for Badrinath Ki Dulhania and most recently, Hey Pyaar Kar Le for Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. The song was composed for the 2020 film Baaghi 3.
The exalted position of Mars and Saturn created determination. The exalted position of Saturn plays a very important role for you in the social sphere. In this situation, the creative field also develops and due to being in a high position in the sign of Venus, their qualifications will be of very high status and will also be helpful in getting fame in the field of art etc. Due to the position of Mars in Capricorn, enthusiasm will always be seen in abundance, they are always ahead in making their own path, which shows their personality. It is this courage that has taken him to reach heights. Apart from this, he is intelligent, disciplined, ambitious and capable of making him determined towards his goal, which we have also got to see in the career of Bappi Ji.
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