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Budget 2022- Know Astrology prediction from experts before the big announcement

My Jyotish Expert Updated 01 Feb 2022 12:19 AM IST
Budget 2022
Budget 2022 - Photo : google
Budget 2022- Know Astrology prediction from experts before the big announcement

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Economic Survey before presenting the country's general budget. Economic survey is a forecast in which it is estimated that what can be expensive and what can be cheap based on the economy as well as the previous year. Astrologers also try to predict the Economic Survey by making calculations. On the basis of astrological calculations and planetary positions, every effort has been made to estimate the information about the treasury, brand prospect, commodity, inflation rate and all the economic conditions related to the economy. So let us know according to astrology how the budget of the country can be in the year 2022.

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There will be no big announcement to benefit:
No major announcement is likely to be made in this budget. There will be no announcement in this budget for direct benefit to any object or person. But, there is every hope of some special provision being made.

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Prioritizing economic reforms:
Trigrahi move will motivate the government to build economic strength. But the presence of Rahu in Bhagyaesh can prevent this from happening. Due to which the general public rarely sees the signs of economic benefits.

Don't expect much from the budget
Not much can be expected from the budget for the year 2022. Some big provision can be made, but its chances are negligible.

The government will be forced to bear the cost of the epidemic:
From the year 2020 itself, the government is committed to Kovid-19. Also, due to Venus and Rahu, there may be a shortage of funds for new expenses in addition to dealing with it in the government treasury.

Employment expected to increase
Due to the transit of Mercury, in this budget, the government can give emphasis to increase employment. Provisions can be brought in the budget with the hope of earning tax on the basis of new employment and construction works at the central and state level.

Increase in Standard Deduction:
The wishes of the employed people can be fulfilled in this budget. With the increase in standard deduction in the budget of the year 2022, it can be 60-70000 rupees. The premium payment for medical policies can also be reduced from 18% to 15% or more.

No significant effect on inflation:
Due to Kaal Sarp Dosh, there is not going to be any significant difference in the prices of petrol, diesel and other household items.

Wide potential in telecommunications:
This year will prove to be the year of technology. In this budget, there is every possibility of making provision for 5G for the main development on technology.

Budget will be bigger than last years:
The budget presented this time is going to be bigger than the previous years. The government will make this budget openly as a spending budget and will do it up to 35-40 lakh crores.

Provision for Digital Currency:
 There is a strong expectation of making a special law for crypto currency. There is a possibility of levying TDS on the exchange for digital currency crypto or prohibiting crypto.

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