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Camphor (Kapoor) Remedies: Know these useful tips to get Rid of Life Problems

My Jyotish Expert Updated 23 Apr 2022 08:55 AM IST
Kapoor Remedies
Kapoor Remedies - Photo : Google
In Hinduism, this object is considered most auspicious in worship.  Aarti is done with it at the end of any worship recitation.  Yes, we are talking about Kapoor, Kapoor is such material without which worship in Hinduism is incomplete.  It is not only used in worship but it is also used in health-related problems.  Today we will tell you some things and remedies related to this Kapoor.

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Kapoor has great importance in astrology.
  It has been told in astrology that Kapoor is used to eliminating the problems arising in the house, the tension between husband and wife, and the negative energy of the house.  Not only this, Kapoor aarti is performed after every worship of the Hindu religion because it is believed that the fragrance of Kapoor brings purification to the house and eliminates negative energy.  There is a belief associated with camphor and it is said that whoever uses Kapoor during worship, all his wishes are fulfilled.
 Remedies for Kapoor
If there is Pitru Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh in your horoscope, then you should burn Kapoor by dipping it in ghee in the morning and evening.  By doing this remedy, Pitra Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh gets eliminated and at the same time, Vastu Dosh is also removed from the house.
Sometimes we work very hard but due to luck, we are not able to get the results accordingly.  In such a situation, it becomes more necessary to increase luck, for this Kapoor is most useful.  If you want to increase your fortune, then put a few drops of Kapoor oil in water in the morning and then take bath with that water.  It is said that doing so increases luck.
If there is always negativity and tension in the house, then it also affects the lifestyle of the family members.  The more happiness and peace in the house, the better the lifestyle of the family members will be.  To maintain happiness and prosperity in the house, Kapoor should be burnt in the morning and evening during worship.  Due to this, a happy atmosphere remains in the house and at the same time, it also gets rid of many kinds of troubles coming in life.
Similarly, if you burn Kapoor soaked in ghee in the morning and evening, then it opens the way for the progress of the members of the household and they get a lot of benefits.

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Now let's talk about the remedies related to Kapoor's wealth, put a piece of Kapoor in a rose flower, and then burn it with flowers in the evening and offer it to Mother Durga.  According to astrology, by doing this remedy, there is sudden wealth gain.  If you do this work regularly for 43 days, then your stalled money also comes back.
At night, when all the kitchen work is completed, then burn cloves and Kapoor in a silver bowl.  It is said that this improves the financial condition and at the same time there is never any shortage of money in the family.
Kapoor is a plant that has medicinal properties naturally.  Due to this, it is used to remove blemishes on the skin.  The use of Kapoor provides relief from burning to itching, joint pain, acne on the face, and cracked heels.  Several types of research have also found that Kapoor is also used for hair loss, hair strengthening, and treatment of dandruff.

If you keep Kapoor in an incense lamp and burn it in the house in the morning and evening, then it will not cause any side effects in the house, but you will get only positive results.  Therefore, as much as possible, you must burn Kapoor in the house.
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