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Scorpio daily horoscope (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

MyJyotish Expert

Scorpio Horoscope (October 23 - November 21)

Personal: Today you will be able to see yourself better in many things. Along with relationships, you will also be able to take time out for yourself. This day will be a good time for you to connect
ith new things. Travel: Today students can travel for activities related to their education. At this time, you may be seen busy traveling to help others in some work.

Finance: You may get support from someone in money matters. You may spend some money on shopping for children. This would be a better time to invest for future emergencies.

Career: You may get some good opportunities in terms of work. On this day you may get good support from your colleagues.

Health: You can get some relief in health-related matters. You may suddenly get an opportunity to participate in some yoga activities.

Emotion: The tender feelings in your mind may be quite agitated today. You can express your thoughts to someone.

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