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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Chaitra Maas 2023: Know the Do's and Dont's for happiness and prosperity in Chaitra month

Chaitra Maas 2023: Know the Do's and Dont's for happiness and prosperity in Chaitra month

MyJyotish Expert Updated 19 Mar 2023 03:04 PM IST
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Chaitra Maas 2023: Know the Do's and Dont's for happiness and prosperity in Chaitra month

The Chaitra month is very important from a religious point of view. This time is also known for new beginnings. Along with this, it is also considered very important from the point of view of health. Hindu New Year begins in this month itself, so along with Navratri and Gudi Padwa, many major festivals also come. At this time, diseases caused by infection are considered more fatal. At this time infectious diseases are encouraged due to increasing heat in the environment, and Sheetla Mata is also worshipped at this time which gives protection from diseases. Let us know what to do and what not to do this month, which can be very effective for life.

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Neem leaves remedy
The use of neem at this time is considered very good. In Ayurveda, neem leaves have been said to be very beneficial for health. By doing this, stomach diseases will stay away from you. Along with this, neem also protects against diseases caused by infection. Eating sugar candy or jaggery along with neem in Chaitra month is also beneficial. That's why people chew neem and eat jaggery during Gudi Padwa.

Abstinence on salt and milk in the month of Chaitra
In the month of Chaitra, it is said to minimize milk consumption as much as possible, instead, you can take fresh curd with sugar candy. Where the consumption of curd and sugar candy strengthens the position of the moon in the horoscope, it also provides coolness to your stomach. In the month of Chaitra, it is said to consume less salt for some time. If it is difficult to give up salt, then you can take rock salt. Where by doing this you get auspicious results from a religious point of view, on the other hand, for those who are high BP patients, leaving salt for a few days works as a panacea.

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During the month of Chaitra, burn smoke, dry leaves of camphor and neem daily to increase the communication of positive energy in the house. By doing this, positive energy increases in your home and all kinds of inauspicious effects end.

By taking small measures, it is possible to get many positive results. Along with this, the effect of auspiciousness remains in life.
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