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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Chanakya Niti 2022: know the reasons, how man snatched his happiness, peace from his own life

Chanakya Niti 2022: know the reasons, how man snatched his happiness, peace from his own life

My jyotish expert Updated 14 Jul 2022 09:43 AM IST
Chanakya - Photo : Google
Chanakya Niti: Because of these 4 reasons, one gets snatched from the life of man, happiness and peace.

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The policy of Acharya Chanakya continues to inspire man to make him successful even today. Today many people follow his words given in the ethics to achieve success in life and follow the path shown by him. According to Acharya Chanakya, there are many such reasons why a person becomes happy.

Thinking like this: According to Acharya Chanakya, some people think about those things which they do not have and do not think about those things that they have. In such a situation, the person's happiness goes, the person is not able to live happily, and such people are always troubled. The person is always greedy to get more and in the desire to get more and get that more, he keeps on running after those things and keeps on fighting so that he cannot live life by a chain.

Ignoring health: Somebody has said that (like food, mind) some people consume such food, which has a very bad effect on their mind and also eat some good food, which There is a good effect on their mind and their health is also fine. At the same time, the mind remains calm, due to such food, there is a negative effect on the mind. So eat such food which will have a positive effect on your mind.

Husband and wife: the nature of some such man's wife is not good towards them. They are called bad and good all the time. This not only spoils the relationship of both, but it also has a bad effect on the nature of the man. His mind cannot work in peace. This applies to some men as well, if the husband is bad, then happiness is taken away from the life of the wife and often she becomes ill and sad.

Children: The happiness of children in the life of parents is considered to be the greatest happiness in the world. In such a situation, if the child is a fool, then the whole life becomes in trouble and nothing is achieved except sorrow. If the child falls into the wrong actions, then all the happiness of the life of the parents is snatched away. Such children always become the cause of misery and create problems in the life of the parents.

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