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Chanakya niti: Including these 7 things in abundance will cause trouble in your life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 Nov 2021 06:42 PM IST
Chanakya Niti
Chanakya Niti - Photo : google
Acharya Chanakya has included his thoughts in the book Chanakya Niti. In this book, Acharya has told many things related to practical life and household life. 7 important things have been mentioned in Chanakya Niti.

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Chanakya Niti:

Acharya Chanakya has mentioned all the policies. There is no break in the things mentioned in Chanakya's policies. Acharya Chanakya's foresight seems to be proving right in today's time. From politics to personal life, Chanakya has mentioned infallible things in the policy.
Let us tell you that in Chanakya Niti, he has told 7 such things, just by coming near which a person gets sorrow and trouble. Those seven things are money, luxuries, women, kings, time, beggars and wicked people. According to Chanakya, one should always be careful with women, kings, solicitors and wicked people. They should also be treated thoughtfully or else trouble may have to be faced.
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There is a description about avoiding these 7 things in the fourth verse of the 16th chapter of Chanakya Niti. The verse is…
Korthandaprapya na garvito vashinah kasyapadostam gataah
stribhih kasya na khanditam bhuvi manah ko naam rajapriyah.
Ka: Kalasya na gocharatvamagmat korthi
gato gauravam ko va durjandurgameshu patih kshemen yath pathi.
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In this verse it is said that due to the receipt of money, pride is born in a person. There is no such person on this earth whose intellect does not change after getting money.
A person is very much trapped in the cycle of enjoyment and luxury, whoever is lying in it and who does not have control over himself, he always remains mentally and physically unhappy.
Due to women, a person has to face sorrow and trouble at some point in life, whether it is due to love or any other reason.
A good and wise king who is just and fair can never be favored by any one person. Such a king keeps the same feeling in his mind for everyone and does not hold back from punishing his beloved for being wrong.
Chanakya says that the death of every human being is certain, the reality of life is death. That's why no one has survived from the point of view of time.
Because of the habit of asking, respect is not earned. The person who has the habit of asking for things or money, such people never get respect.
Evil people
People who have bad habits never change. Once those who fall in the company of evil and wrong people, they are not able to become good human beings again and even if they become someone, then in life they do some wrong thing again.

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