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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Chanakya Niti Sutra: Those who trust in themselves don't see 'Muhurta.'

Chanakya Niti Sutra: Those who trust in themselves don't see 'Muhurta.'

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 May 2022 01:26 PM IST
Chanakya Niti
Chanakya Niti - Photo : Google
Chanakya Niti Shloka Na Tatkasya Nakshatra Exam Meaning - A person who wants to finish his task quickly does not test the constellations, and those who have complete trust in themselves and their abilities do not fall into the constellation circle. Their task is also completed efficiently. Their greatest ally is confidence.

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 Faults aren't hidden once they've been 'introduced.'

Introduction to Chanakya Niti Shlok Doesn't point fingers.
Meaning: As a person becomes familiar with another, his or her strengths and flaws gradually become apparent.

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Life is useless without a "goal."
Na Pushparthi Sinchati Sudhitarum - Chanakya Niti Shlok
Meaning: A flower lover does not water a parched tree. Every person has a life goal. He continues to work for his objective. He doesn't spend his time here chatting.
Niti Shloka of Chanakya-
Balukakwathanadanya Adravyaprayton

Without 'work,' there is no money.
Meaning- Wanting money without doing an effort is like getting oil from sand. To make money, a person must follow a certain strategy, and only then will he be able to make money. A sluggish individual who does not strive in vain actions like extracting oil from sand.
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