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Weather Change February 2022- Weather changes due to change in Sun constellation

My Jyotish Expert Updated 03 Feb 2022 01:42 PM IST
change in the sun constellation
change in the sun constellation - Photo : Google
Weather Change February 2022- Weather changes due to change in Sun constellation

On the basis of astrology, Medini astrology helps in knowing the events of the whole world. Medini is that important part of astrology which is used to predict all the events related to the geographical position. In this, the geographical position is understood mainly on the basis of constellations. It becomes a very important tool in understanding the year or other types of natural events. If the Sun's transit is kept in mind in the forecasts related to rain, then on February 3, it will be in the fourth phase of Shravan Nakshatra and then on February 6, there will be a change of Sun in Dhanishta and at the same time the position of Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn. Being and the presence of Mars with Venus shows only mixed results for the rain in the present time and this time has become an important reason for the sudden change of weather. The constellation of changes in today's weather has been greatly influenced by the change situation and we can see a similar situation in the coming few days.

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In the event cycle related to the year, the effect of position and planetary combination is also very important. As per astrological calculations at this time, the condition of rain may remain unusual as the combination of Venus-Mars Yoga with the position of three planets has a profound effect on it and affects the chances of rain. Due to the change in Western Disturbance, a sudden change in the weather activity across the country can be seen during 24 hours.
Light to moderate rain is likely in Arunachal Pradesh. With this, the position of the constellation changes shows light to moderate rain conditions in Assam, Meghalaya. Fog may remain in some parts of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab. There is a possibility of some rain and snow in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and even the people of Delhi NCR will not be able to escape from it.
In astrology, Adra Nakshatra, Bhadra, Shatabhisha, Chitra, Uttara, Bhadrapada, Pushya Shatabhisha, Poorvashadha, Dhanishta, Shravan Nakshatra are considered to be the constellations of the water system. In these constellations, there is rain when the planets form a special yoga and these constellations are important for rain, with this, the effect of planetary conjunction can affect us in the coming days, so now before leaving the house with an umbrella. Do not avoid keeping it and do not let your speed slow down with the weather.
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