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Chhath is also a festival of discipline along with nature worship

Riti riti.tomar@gmail.comRiti Tomar Updated 09 Nov 2021 03:13 PM IST
chhath puja
chhath puja - Photo : Google
Chhath, the mahaparva of worship of nature, is a festival of public faith celebrated in Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. The philosophy behind celebrating this festival is universal. Perhaps that is why people are seeing faith in this festival not only in the country but also abroad. Chhath is a festival of environment protection, disease prevention and discipline. It is also mentioned in the adigranth rigveda.

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The sun is worshipped in Chhath Puja. At the same time, difficult fasts and rules are followed. In this way, it is a festival of nature worship as well as discipline in physical, mental and ethos. On Deepawali, people clean their houses, while on Chhath, they clean reservoirs like river ponds, pokharas, etc. From the next day of Deepawali, people get involved in this work as insects camp in and around the reservoirs after the rains, which leads to diseases.
Today, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Namami Gange Yojana are among the favourite projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In principle, the objective of the Modi government's Ganga Safai Yojana has been understood by the people in Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand for centuries. Coming to the practical side, the prime minister's vision of a Swachh Bharat is not possible without people's participation. It is not as easy to connect people in a campaign with policy and rules as with faith and faith.
Prevention of many diseases from katisana: Chhath is customary to stand in water up to the waist and meditate on the sun. In water therapy, it is called hycinitis. This prevents many diseases in the body. India's latitude is such that every part of the country gets plenty of sunlight. The sun is also called a pathogen because the house where the sun's rays reach directly does not have insects.
Apart from Delhi, Poorvanchali migrants celebrate Chhath with fanfare in various metropolitan cities of the country including Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad. Moreover, in many countries including Mauritius, Fiji and the US, Indian diaspora has also started celebrating Chhath, which has increased the attraction of the festival among foreigners. Linking Chhath with environment protection, it will be a positive initiative if the Central and State Governments ensure the contribution of this festival to the development of the country with the help of devotees.
Nature worship is the culture of Hinduism. That is why we have a tradition of worshipping rivers, ponds, wells, trees, etc. The Rig Veda also categorizes the sun, river and earth as deities. Chhath is also a festival that teaches the way of life. Therefore, this mahaparva should be declared as the national festival of cleanliness. At the same time, this festival of energy conservation, water conservation, disease prevention and discipline should be celebrated all over India. The declaration of Chhath as the National Festival will create awareness among the people about the cleanliness of reservoirs spread across the country and will also give impetus to the water conservation drive.

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