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Bhadrapada 2021: Consuming , these things in Bhadrapada can damage health , Read to know more .

myjyotish Expert Updated 24 Aug 2021 12:25 PM IST
consuming these things in Bhadrapada can damage health
consuming these things in Bhadrapada can damage health - Photo : google

 Lord Krishna and Ganesha are worshiped in Bhadrapada month. This month is very important for devotion and liberation. However, eating some things in this month can harm health.

According to the Hindu calendar, every month has its own religious significance. According to the Panchang, the sixth month is called Bhadrapada month. This is the second month of Chaturmas. Lord Krishna and Ganesha are worshiped this month. However, no Manglik work is done this month also. But worship is recited and fasting is done. In the scriptures, the month of Bhadon is considered the month of devotion and liberation.

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Bhadrapada month is starting from today i.e. 23 August 2021, which will last till 20 September. Let us know which works should not be done this month. In the month of Bhadrapada, restraint is followed from the religious and natural point of view. Manglik works are not done this month. Consuming certain things this month is considered taboo. These things are considered beneficial from the point of view of health.
1. Jaggery should not be eaten in the month of Bhadon. Eating jaggery increases the risk of stomach-related diseases.
2. Eating sesame in this month is harmful to health, which can cause disease. In this month, things made of sesame are not even used for bhog.
3. According to the scriptures, curd and things made from it should not be consumed in this month. In this season, curd contains more bacteria which is harmful to health. Therefore, eating things made of curd should be avoided this month.
4. It is believed that eating rice ie rice given to others in this month brings poverty in the house.
5. Avoid using coconut oil in the month of Bhadon. By doing this, there can be a decrease in the happiness of children.

Importance of Sunday in Bhadrapada

Monday is very important in Sawan. Similarly, Sunday is considered important in the month of Bhadon. It is believed that Lord Vishnu wakes up after completing his sleep on Sundays in this month. Therefore, on this day it is said not to cut hair, not to use salt, and not to wear shoes.

Note- The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.

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