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Feng shui tips 2022: know how to use feng shui in your bedroom and improve your sleep

My jyotish expert Updated 14 Jul 2022 02:13 PM IST
Bedroom Feng Shui
Bedroom Feng Shui - Photo : Google
*Feng Shui TipsBedroom Feng Shui is a very effective way to get good and restful sleep*

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You can use Bedroom Feng Shui to get sound sleep and enjoy the peaceful moments in your life. Every moment we are engaged in some kind of running or thinking. But when it comes to getting comfortable moments, then the time of sleep is the best time. With this, the more we feel relaxed in our bedroom, the more we can be successful in getting our mental peace and good health. That is why it is necessary to include some such things in your life that can help you feel happy. Using Feng Shui in interior design to achieve balance and happiness in your bedroom can make the surrounding situation better and more useful. Our simple feng shui tips are here to help you understand feng shui better and give you some great advice on how to use feng shui in your bedroom to help you improve your sleep.

Here are some basic feng shui fundamentals that you can apply right away and be able to reap their benefits 
Feng Shui is useful energy based on the ancient Chinese system, regarding the flow of energy (chi). Along with making a favourable arrangement of your furniture and decorations, it is also supposed to control the energy of things. If your energy flows in the right direction then you can get good sleep.

Keep your bed in the middle.
According to Bedroom Feng Shui, your bed should be placed in a better position as it is the most essential item in the room where you spend most of your time. Do not keep the best place for your bed position by the door, but keep it diagonally.

We spend a large part of our life where we sleep. Therefore incorporating Feng Shui into our bedroom is a good way to achieve a more balanced life. Super king beds are a great choice if you have a large enough room, that is because they give us maximum space to relax and stay away from the hassles of the modern world.

Avoid mirrors
Although mirrors are great for making a small room look bigger, it can be difficult to place a mirror while applying bedroom feng shui.
It is most important to ensure that your mirror should not be in front of the bed. If the bed is in front of a mirror, then it is likely to bring more distracting elements to your vision. This does not mean that there are no mirrors in the bedroom. Just try to make sure that you don't look at the mirror on your own when you are in bed.

A good idea to place a mirror in the room is to put it in front of the window, this can help to maximize the light in your room without distracting you while trying to relax on your bed.

Proper flow of air
The natural element is an essential element for a feng shui bedroom and an easy way to incorporate the natural world is to allow maximum airflow into the room. Doing this will not only keep your bedroom fresh and clean but will also help in sleep better. Fresh air helps us to sleep.

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