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Follow these measures during Dusshera If having troubles in life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 15 Oct 2021 03:22 PM IST
Dussehra 2021
Dussehra 2021 - Photo : Google
If you are going through any suffering, then take these measures for Dussehra, relief will be given.
 Dussehra is considered to be very important in the Jyoti Shishastra. It is recognized that no matter what the difficulties in life if measures related to them are taken, relief can be taken. Here, we are talking about some of the measures that, if done with full faith and faith, do not deal with suffering and obstacles, it will give you heaven and no nightmares.

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If the job or business is not succeeding, enjoy 10 kinds of fruits to Adi Shakti Durga on Dussehra day. Then divide it among the poor. Keep in mind that while enjoying the goddess, the mantra 'Un Vijayayi Namah'. Chant. It is recognized that doing so leads to success in every field.
Worshipping Shami for nine days in Navratri to get relief from any legal case solves legal maneuvers and litigations. Also, on Dussehra, pray to Hanumanji in the morning by enjoying jaggery and gram and ladoos in the evening. It is recognized that doing so provides relief from all kinds of problems.
To get relief from money-related problems, make an Ashtadal lotus shape with Kumkum, sandalwood, and flowers in the northeast corner of the house in the afternoon on Dussehra. Then remember Goddess Jaya and Jiya and worship them with full rituals. Light a ghee lamp near the Shami plant after worshipping the goddess. Then pick up the soil from Shami and place it in the corner of the house. It is recognized that doing so removes money related problems
Dussehra is celebrated on the decimal day of Shukla paksha of Ashwin month, this time on Friday, 15th October. It was on this day that Mother Durga killed Mahishasura and Lord Ram killed King Ravana of Lanka, which is why this day is called Vijayadashmi. The festival of Vijayadashmi is also considered to be a symbol of the arrival of autumn. The Skanda Purana says that bathing in the Punyasalila rivers on this day frees a person from ten sins. The Scriptures mention the special importance of this day. At the same time, some measures have been suggested for peace and prosperity on this day. By taking these measures, not only brings peace and happiness in life but also relieves all crises. Let us know about these measures
 After the burning of Ravan on Dussehra, it is considered best to mix his ashes with mustard oil and sprinkle it everywhere in the house. It is believed that doing so creates mutual love among the family members and eliminates negative energy and eliminates positive energy and converts into positive energy. To get rid of every crisis, enjoy Hanumanji's jaggery in the morning and enjoy laddoos in the evening and then pray to Hanumanji for your protection.
For business advancement, take a coconut on Dussehra day and wrap it in 1.25 meters of yellow cloth, and then offer a pair of Janet, Savva paan, and sweets to the Ram temple. Doing so leads to business growth. On the other hand, seeing the Neelkanth bird on Dussehra fulfills all desires. When you see the Neelkanth, ask Lord Shiva for his wishes.
It is also considered very auspicious if the cow and dog are fed besan laddoos every day for 51 consecutive days from Dussehra day. It is believed that doing so solves the money problem but keep in mind that the dog should be fed laddoos every day and not forgotten.
Take a piece of alum in your hand on Dussehra day and take it away. Then, taking care of your favored gods, salvage them seven times from your top and throw them behind your back. After throwing, come home without turning and light a ghee lamp in front of God. Be careful not to see you while taking this measure. Doing so brings full support to luck and leads to success in every sphere of life.

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