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Good Friday 2022 | Why is Good Friday celebrated, its importance

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 03 May 2022 05:33 PM IST
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Good Friday 2022 | Why is Good Friday celebrated, its importance
Let's know about Good Friday 2022 and why it is celebrated, why Jesus Christ was crucified and who was he, how is Good Friday celebrated and what is its significance?

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In the year 2022, Good Friday will be celebrated on 15th of April, Friday 2022. Good Friday is a festival celebrated by the followers of Christianity. For the people of Christianity, this day is like a day of mourning. Mourning is expressed on this day because it was on Good Friday that Jesus Christ was subjected to physical torture. On this day people go to church wearing black clothes and express their condolences. Jesus Christ had dedicated his whole life for the betterment of society. Always a good doer, whom people respected very much. For this reason, they were tortured. After which he was crucified. But he never died, he is always alive in the heart and will remain so.
People of Christianity see Jesus Christ as God. Therefore, remembering the pain endured by him, he celebrates this day as a mourning day. On this day Jesus gave up his life, but he sacrificed his life for the betterment of the people. That is why it is called 'Good Friday'. This day is celebrated in every corner of India and the world by mourning the death of the priest of peace. There is also a huge number of people of Christianity in India. On this day a large number of people are seen gathering in the church. In Christianity, the cross is considered a symbol of Lord Jijan and on this day he is remembered by kissing this symbol.
Why is Good Friday celebrated?
Jesus Christ considered himself to be the son of God and used to guide the people for the betterment of them. The religious leaders of the Jews were very jealous of this. Jesus Christ was subjected to physical torture after a complaint by the fundamentalist religious leaders to the Roman governor Pilate. On this day Jesus Christ was hanged on the cross. The story behind his hanging is very interesting. We will tell you about this further.
This day is celebrated by the people of Christianity to give the message of humanity, brotherhood, peace and unity. On this day Jesus was hanged on the cross, but despite suffering so much, did not deviate from his path. This cross is still used in Christianity to drive away evil forces. This cross is considered a symbol of truthfulness and purity.
Why was Jesus Christ crucified?
According to Christianity, about two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ gave his life for the good of the people. He used to listen to the problems of the people and tell their solutions. Along with this, he used to guide people with his knowledge. He put a good light on the people by eliminating the darkness of evil.
Seeing people's reverence for Jesus Christ, most of the religious leaders of the Jews were jealous of him. Jesus Christ called himself the son of God. His statement did not seem less than a great sign to the Jewish religious leaders. At times, fundamentalist religious leaders opposed Jesus Christ because the Romans feared Jewish revolution. The Jewish religious leaders together complained about this incident to the Roman governor Pilate. Pilate had great respect for the Jewish religious leaders and tried to obey their every command.
Therefore, on this complaint of the religious leaders, he sentenced Jesus Christ to be hanged on the cross. Along with hanging on the cruise on this day, they were subjected to a lot of torture. Nails were put in his body to hang him on the cross. Jesus was tortured so cruelly without any fault that the hearts of the people were shaken by the sight of it.
Where was the death of Jesus Christ
According to Christian beliefs, he was killed at a place called Golgotha. It was at this place that he was crowned with a crown of thorns and forced to carry the Lord Jesus on his shoulders with a cross. During this, whips were also showered on the Lord Jesus Christ. It is believed that at the place situated on this mound, Jesus gave up his life after hanging on the cross for a full six hours. At this time the whole area was covered in darkness for three hours and the doors of the tombs were opened on their own. But the ruthless Pilate did not change his mind and blamed the words spoken by the Lord Jesus and killed him. Jesus only said that he is the son of God.

Even after this, Jesus did not protest in any way. Even when he gave up his life, Jesus prayed. In which he said oh God forgive them, they do not know what they are doing. They still do not have complete knowledge of good and bad
How is Good Friday celebrated in Christianity?
On this day, the followers of Christianity remove the decoration items from the houses, and the unremovable items are covered with the use of cloth. Due to this day, people go to church with faith and sing songs to please their Lord Jesus. This day is also celebrated by observing a fast. Preparation for this day is started forty before. On this day people of the Christian religion consume sattvic food. During these 40 days, people mourn and go to church and offer prayers.

On this day the last words of Lord Jesus are remembered. Some followers of Lord Jesus Christ observe a fast for forty days. In some places, dance is also organized on this day. On this day people celebrate this day by giving sweet chocolate and giving flowers to each other. At the same time, some people celebrate this day by giving cakes and cards. Going to church remembers the sufferings endured by Lord Jesus for three consecutive hours. This time is spent standing near the cross. This day is also celebrated by taking out Pad Yatra. On this day people donate and this money is collected and used in social work.

When is it celebrated?
According to the Hindu calendar, this day starts from the time of Pratipada during the lunar month. At the same time, according to the beliefs of Christianity, the beginning of this day ends as soon as the day of Christmas ends. This day is called Ash Wednesday. From this day till Good Friday, this day is celebrated. The closing time of Good Friday is also known as Lent.
When is in the year 2022  Good Friday
In the year 2022, Good Friday will be celebrated on the 15th of April on Friday.
This day is a holiday, in which people go to the churches to pray and sing songs for the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Sunday following this mourning day is celebrated as Easter Sunday. This holiday is similar to the Easter festival in Christianity. According to Christian beliefs, on this day only their God was resurrected. That's why this day is named Resurrection Sunday
On Good Friday, instead of ringing the bell, the sound of a girl knocking is considered better. Lord Jesus became alive only a few days after his death. Considering this day holy, this Easter Sunday is celebrated by Christians in the joy of the return of Jesus. 
Who was Jesus christ
Thousands of years before the present day, a messenger named Gabriel in Nazareth gave his unfading vision to Mary. At the time of this darshan, he had said that you are going to give birth to a holy soul in the form of a son. It will be named Jesus. Mary gave birth to a child in Bethlehem. Even today the Bible is not fully capable of giving the date of Jesus' birth.
Significance of Great Friday in Christianity
Great Friday is also called Good Friday. This day has special significance for the people of Christianity. Considering this day as a mourning day, people remove the decoration items from their homes. Many people hide decoration items with clothes. It is called Holy Friday because of the holy day. The word Holi means purity. On this day Jesus Christ gave up his life, for this reason, some followers of Christianity call it Black Friday, considering it to be a bad day 
Jesus Christ has spent some time of his life in India. Therefore, in India also the importance of this festival increases a lot. After coming to India, he also tried to learn yoga and tantric practice. He was resurrected two days after being hanged on the cross. That is why the people of Christianity celebrate with great joy even on the Sunday that comes two days after Great Friday. Great Friday is celebrated as a holiday in Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Not only this, in most places in India, there is a holiday on this day.

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