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Height: Good height can be achieved by strengthening your planet

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Sep 2021 10:38 AM IST
Increase Height
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Height? Yes, you heard right. This is one of the most questioning topics. Either being an extremist is not acceptable whereas being a short one is also questionable! It’s very obvious that a good height gives you confidence, right? But it is also very challenging to face the society being a short height person and on the other hand, it's quite uncomfortable to face the crowd, specifically being a girl there are numerous hurdles faced after some certain age, which leads to complications during marriage time. So, are you among them having a short height and have been trolled for having a mini height or got tags related to your height?

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Achieving a height?
Is this possible to change?
And that also happens via planetary changes? Have a look at how it can be done!

Yes, you heard right, there are certain planetary changes according to time. Pace by pace things can get back to normal and one can achieve height too. According to Vedic Astrology, it says that the place and planet plays a major role in the health and physical structure of the body. Whereas after looking into the changes in the planet these things can also be resolved smoothly and that also without any medication or hardcore physical workout you will achieve a proper height just after doing certain remedies provided by the Vedic astrology. Whereas Vedic astrology also predicts that the physical structure is ascertained from the first house of the horoscope which is Lagna Bhava. From the Ascendant we can get various information about different parts of the body such as brain, head, eyes, face, thickness, thinness, body size and height and many more. Meanwhile, the physical structure of the person is determined through the lord of the Ascendant. Giving you an example to clear up the process -   if the Sun is sitting at the Ascendant then it predicts that the person will be beautiful, tall and lean with its body and will also have sharp nails. So talking it with Mars,  If Mars is sitting at the Ascendant, then the person’s complexion will be in medium stature of dark complexion. Similarly, it says that According to the nature and properties of other planets the shape and the changes within a person's body are decided as well as it occurs accordingly.

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Talking about some measures that can be done to get a good height, just peep into the points dropped below-

Talking about the Sun which is considered as the representative planet for physical structure among the Navagraha. So, to please the sun all you need to do is to offer Arghya every day during the sunrise. In terms of physical yoga, offer Surya namaskar during the morning time. Knowing about the benefits of Surya namaskar- this helps in giving strength to the body and the soul as well as it also helps in fighting with the physical disease which has been caused in the body and also the major benefit is it helps in getting better eyesight.

 As we all know, Mars is also known as a representative planet for sports and physical strength. So, through this, we can achieve a good and a beautiful height. Mars also has supervision over the blood, marrow, and strengths. Whereas few measures can be taken, all you need to do is to chant  Mangal Stotra daily. On Tuesday, offer honey to Shivling.

As per the horoscope, the third and the lord of the third house should be strong. Whereas the physical fitness of the person is also ascertained through this which is also called the mighty feeling.

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