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Holi 2022|remdies to be performed on holi to remove obstacles in life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 17 Mar 2022 10:26 AM IST
holi 2022
holi 2022 - Photo : holi 2022

Holi 2022|remdies to be performed on holi to remove obstacles in life

Holi is a very important festival in Hinduism. This day is also very auspicious from the point of view of astrology. The work done on this day becomes successful. If your work is also stuck, you also want success in business, money, job etc. If you want that there should always be happiness and peace in your house, then you just must do some small measures on the day of Holi.

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Today in this article I will tell you about some such remedies, so read this article carefully.

Holashtak is started eight days before the festival of Holi, in which no auspicious work is done. But these eight days are considered very auspicious for the worship of God. It is said that the worship performed on these days has its own special fruit. According to mythology, Lord Shiva burnt Kamdev to ashes on the Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Falgun month for disturbing his penance.
It is said that Hiranyakashipu had tortured his son and Vishnu devotee Prahlad for many days to remove him from the devotion of Lord Vishnu and finally he set the devotee Prahlad on fire by sitting on Holika's lap. Holika had such a miraculous dress, which does not catch fire, Holika was sitting in the fire wearing it, but see the miracle of God, that cloth flew over the devotee Prahlad and Holika got burnt in that fire. Since then,Holika is lit on the day of Holi and on the next day everyone celebrates good over evil by playing colors. For this reason, these eight days are not considered auspicious for works like marriage, shaving etc. But this day is considered very auspicious for worshiping God and taking measures related to life.

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On the day of Holi, women worship Holika in the morning. In the evening, all the people of the house get involved in HolikaDahan. Wheat earrings are cooked in Holika. Similarly, if you put camphor, gram, linseed seeds in Holika and do three or seven rounds of fire, then auspiciousness remains in the house.
  • Now the talk of those people who are not getting jobs, are troubled by unemployment. Such people must take a lemon. One must go to the crossroads before 12 o'clock in the midnight of Holi, that is to cut four pieces of that lemon and throw the four pieces in all four directions and come straight home. Remember you don't have to look back. This will open opportunities for you to get a job soon.
  • When Holika gets burnt, after that you must bring her Rakh to your house, you have to put it around your house and on the doors. This will keep happiness and peace in your house and negativity will stay away.Colors are played on the next day from Holi and that day is called Dhulendi.
  • You have to take a whole betel leaf on the morning of Dhulendi, place Holika's ashes on it and a betel nut are to be offered on the Shivling. One must pray to Lord Shiva for a good life partner. You must come out of the temple. While coming out of the temple, you do not have to look back. This remedy is for those people whose marriage is getting delayed. This will remove the obstacles coming in your marriage and you will get a good life partner.
  • If you also want that you should get the desired result, your work will start getting done soon. If you feed any poor and needy person on the day of Holi, you will get his blessings and your chances of getting work will increase.
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