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My Jyotish Expert Updated 05 May 2022 06:08 PM IST
Kitchen Vaastu :- Vaastu Remedies For a Healthy Kitchen
Kitchen Vaastu :- Vaastu Remedies For a Healthy Kitchen - Photo : Google
Are you re-modeling your kitchen? Wondering where to start? Chances are you want to make it Vaastu compliant! After all the Kitchen is a very important part of the house. In such a situation, if there are defects in the Kitchen itself, then it is natural that it will affect the family members. Therefore, whenever you get the house constructed, pay special attention to the Kitchen in it. If the Kitchen is not according to Vaastu, then due to it negative energy and many kinds of problems have to be faced. The Vaastu of the kitchen has a direct effect on the health of the native. In Vaastu Shastra, the direction, color and other important things related to the Kitchen have been told. Today we will tell you the same things.
Significance Of Kitchen Direction According to Vaastu Shastra
  • It is considered best to make the kitchen in the South-East direction. if your kitchen is not in the south-east direction, then you should place a pitcher of Sindoori Ganesh ji in the North-East direction of the kitchen. This will remove the Vaastu defects related to the kitchen.
  • It is considered auspicious to make the slab on which the stove is kept in the kitchen in an igneous angle. The slab or cupboard made for keeping other Kitchen items should be in the South or South- West direction.
  • It is considered auspicious to keep drinking water in the kitchen in the Nort-east direction.
  • It has been seen many times that people keep dustbins in the kitchen itself and also keep cleaning items in the kitchen, it is not considered appropriate to do this at all, keeping dustbin, broom, mop in the Kitchen is prohibited.
Vaastu Color guidelines for the Kitchen

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  • It is considered that if your kitchen is in the South direction, then you should use red color because this direction is considered to be the direction of fire element and the color of fire is red. So, if you use red color in your kitchen then it will be auspicious for you and will be fruitful.
  • It is considered that light colors such as white, yellow, silver, red orange and pink are considered good to be used in the kitchen.
  • It is not considered to use dark colors in the kitchen according to Vaastu Shastra.
  • If you want to choose a color for the wardrobe made in your kitchen, then you can choose green and light-yellow color because it is considered best according to Vaastu Shastra.
  • Keep in mind that blue or sky color should not be used in any way in the kitchen because this color is not considered auspicious for the kitchen and the inauspiciousness in the kitchen has a direct effect on the health of the family members.

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Some Important things according to Vaastu-Shastra for the kitchen
according to Vaastu shastra, the Kitchen should be in igneous angle and it should be open and square. The color of the floor and walls of the Kitchen can be yellow, orange or ocher. Also, make a place to keep a pot of water in the north-east. The Kitchen is considered holy, in such a situation, many people also make houses of worship in the kitchen itself, but let us tell you that it is not auspicious to built a house of worship of worship in the kitchen. Many times, due to the problem of spaces, people also make cupboards over the stove, but keep in mind that according to Vaastu Shastra, it is not considered good to build a cupboard over the stove. Also, bathrooms or toilets should not be built near kitchen. Many times, it happens that unknowingly, broken utensils are kept in the kitchen, then you should remove them immediately because it is not good to keep broken utensils in the kitchen. Therefore, you should keep cleaning the kitchen from time to time and keep cleaning the kitchen from time to time and keep removing unnecessary items from the kitchen, otherwise you may have to face health related problems as well as negative energy may flow in the house. Therefore, take care of the things related to the kitchen mentioned in Vaastu shastra and lead a life full of positive energy.
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