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Know how does Reciting Mantras increases Memory

My Jyotish Expert Updated 04 Jun 2021 09:37 AM IST
Mantra for memory increase
Mantra for memory increase - Photo : google

After all, how does reciting mantra increase memory? What is the scientific basis?

The science of mantras is very deep. It is as deep as the depth of space in the sky and the sea on Earth. The Mantra gives results from experience and practice. Like if you want to dive in the sea but there is a fear of drowning. As you get to practice swimming, it becomes easier for you to dive. Similarly, when you get to practice the method of mantras, you can do whatever you want.

Let us explain to you with a scientific example. When you dig a deep well, you see only the pit. But when you slowly go down, then water starts coming into the well from its pressure from all four sides. And the source of water links with that well. And many far-off water sources meet that well. And slowly the well gets filled with water and then as much water is drawn from the well, but the well will not get empty.

In this way, when you make your mind the well of mantras, the sources of energy from all around the space get connected to your mind. The hard disk memory of your mind becomes large. And you get a store of energy. The energy coming from all around enhances your memory. And this remembrance also accompanies till rebirth. Hence the sag knew the secret of his rebirth.

For this, you should practice mantras and enlarge the hard disk of your brain and fill the reservoir of energy in the brain. The more the mantras are chanted, the more the brain's veins will relate to many worlds. And the memory of man increases. While chanting the mantras, meditation should always be kept in a vertical motion towards space. Many people pay attention to those mantras on the pages of books. The brain does not achieve upward motion by doing this.

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