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Numerology: Know the lucky numbers of people who will get success in everything

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 Sep 2021 03:45 PM IST
lucky numbers of people who will get success in everything
lucky numbers of people who will get success in everything - Photo : Google
Upcoming Week Will Be Lucky For People Of These Numbers, Will Get Success In Everything
As per Numerology, the upcoming week will be very auspicious for some people. Just like with the help of astrology, based on a person’s zodiac sign we get to know about their future and personality, in the same way with the help of numerology, we get to know what lies ahead and what type of a person is based on his or her birth date. To get your radix or lucky number according to numerology, add the number of your birth date, month and year upto the single digit, the number which will come finally will be your lucky number. For example, those born on dates 5,14, 23 will have 5 as their lucky number. Let's read and know for whom the upcoming will be favorable:

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Number 1
  • There are high chances of you getting unexpected profits from somewhere.
  • You can spend on something that will give you some sort of benefit.
  • Expect strong support from your family members that will give you immense happiness.
  • If you are a student then you can get lucky in sports.
  • Your financial situation can get better than before.
  • Love from family and close ones.

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Number 2
  • The upcoming week will be lucky for you, you can expect economical benefits.
  • You can meet esteemed and highly respected people, along with that be ready to hear some good and exciting news.
  • You can go to any pilgrimage place with your family.
  • You can expect success if you are sitting in a competitive exam.
  • Your relationship with your partner will get stronger.
  • Health-wise as well you’ll be fit and fine.

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Number 3
  • You are likely to get lucky in matters related to money and property. Even some previous undone work will work out.
  • You can go on a trip or for an outing with your family members.
  • Your prestige will increase, people will get highly impressed by you which will make your work easy.
  • Expect some interesting and good news.
  • Married life will be filled with love and happiness.
  • Family members will support you at each step.

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