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Know the Ways to bring Positive energy in your house during the Pandemic

my jyotish expert Updated 30 Jun 2021 08:29 PM IST
positivity for household.
positivity for household. - Photo : google
Corona has caused havoc all over the world. Due to this people's life has also become disturbed. Due to this epidemic, it seems as if the positive energy has completely disappeared. In such a situation, the patience of the people is also ending. Today we are going to tell you about some such measures by which you can infuse positive energy in your home and also keep yourself positive

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Get up every morning and do this work-
According to Vastu, positive energy enters from the main door of our house, so it is very important to keep it clean. The main door of the house should be cleaned every morning after waking up. By doing this all the negativity goes out and the whole house becomes full of positive energy.
Worship every morning in the temple of the house-
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Every morning after taking bath etc. do worship in the temple of the house and do not forget to ring the bell while doing the aarti. It is believed that ringing the bell attracts positive energy and removes negativity from that place. After this, sprinkle turmeric on the main door and let clean water flow on both sides of the door.
Do this work before going to office-

The eldest son of the house should make a swastika on both sides of the main gate of the house daily before going to the office after worshiping and should also show that swastika with incense sticks daily. By doing this, your house is protected from every evil eye and negativity is destroyed.
Do this work in the evening-

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After lighting a lamp in the temple of the house in the evening, a lamp must be kept outside the house. According to Vastu, it is believed that by lighting the main door of the house, Goddess Lakshmi enters the house. With his blessings, wealth, prosperity and happiness remain in the house along with positive energy.
Take special care of this thing-

If there is a sound of opening or closing the door at the main entrance of your house, then get it corrected immediately. It is considered very inauspicious in Vastu. Keep the door of the house absolutely clean and should not be broken even after forgetting. It is believed that seeing the main door broken, Goddess Lakshmi gets angry and leaves in a rage.

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