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Know what it means to see Ancestors in your dreams, how to understand what they are trying to convey

my jyotish expert Updated 15 Aug 2021 11:35 AM IST
Dream Astrology
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Astrologers believe that every dream has something to tell, which might actually help us to understand whether good times are ahead or bad. If you ever get a dream of your ancestors, do pay attention to it, do not ignore it. They probably want us to know something or are trying to make us aware of some situation. So do take these dreams quite seriously and try to do something about them.

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Let's know what it indicates when we see ancestors in our dreams :
1. If you ever see your forefathers extending their hands towards you, it probably conveys that they are upset seeing you troubled and want to do something about it.

2. If you get a dream where your ancestors are asking you for something then you should offer a meal to Brahmin or a needy person. This would satisfy whatever they are asking for.

3. If you see a dream where it feels that ancestors are standing near your head then it means that the troubles of your life will be sorted out soon. But if you see them standing near your feet then this conveys that you will be getting in a troublesome situation or if you are already in one, it will only get more complicated.

4. If you see ancestors caressing your head in a dream then it conveys that they are very much happy with you and are bestowing their blessings upon you. With their blessings, all your problems will elude away.

5. A dream where you get a glimpse of your ancestors just for a few seconds then lose sight of them then it suggests that you might get into some problems and so should prepare yourself to fight it back.

6. If you get a dream of ancestors standing in the South corner in any part of your house then it conveys that your enemy is planning to attack you in a Tantric manner or through some secretive way. And when you spot them in the West corner then understand that your financial condition might get unstable. Seeing them stand in the North corner suggests that your belongings might get stolen while traveling and seeing them in the East corner indicates divine wrath or that your relationship with someone close will get sour.

7. When we see ancestors in poor health or in a weak body or in a helpless condition in our dream then it suggests that they were born in a poor and impoverished family and this makes them unhappy and so one should do chanting, penance, and meditation that would bring them salvation.

8. If ancestors are seen walking with you in a dream then it means they are going to be with you in every situation. Also that soon your reputation will increase.

9. Seeing ancestors angry in dreams suggests that there might be some dispute for the ancestral property. It also conveys that there are some faults in the property, land, or house.
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