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Know what your stars say about your previous or future life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 10 Jun 2021 02:17 PM IST
Star Future Prediction
Star Future Prediction - Photo : google
Know what your star say about you previous or future live
People always thing that are they different from others and their desire to find from where they come from leads to questioning themselves and their family history.when they ask these questions only astrology can help them to find the answers. When someone dies we think that he may or may not be reborn back in our family and this increase the curiosity in the person and that person starts to respect the life more. if a person has a hora kundli and have hora moon in it that means that person is reborn from his ancestors and if you have hora sun in your kundli at the time of your birth that means that your are reborn from an another family. But if you have hora moon kundli and hora sun is sitting on it that means that you will not take rebirth in you family line again you will be born into another family or will directly get moksha and if your born in a hora moon in a sun kundli then you will be reborn your own family line and you will finish all your unfinished work of your previous live in this life.

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And by chanting these mantras you will say away from your previous life’s bad karma;
grahaadheenanjagatsarvangrahaadheenaahnaraavaraah .kaalagyaanangrahaadheenangrahaahkarmaphalapradaah .

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