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Numerology: Know your love angel numbers as per your zodiac sign

My Jyotish Expert Updated 24 Sep 2021 02:40 PM IST
Love Angel Numbers
Love Angel Numbers - Photo : Google

Know about the Angel Number which is a symbol of love

The reoccurring encounter of the same number might begin to feel odd and as a result, could raise your curiosity towards this phenomenon.  It might seem an indication of the universe towards something special or specific. If it ever happens, it can be an indication of your guardian angel or your protector in some direction which you might have not noticed before.

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A unique way of guiding by your Guardian Angels

The mysterious plan by which the holy spirit or your guardian angel guides you is Angel numbers.
It can be some kind of divine message which your Angel is trying to convey.
As you might witness reoccurrence of same numbers, chiefly in triple digits around you. These numbers might be the method of your Angel to draw your attention towards your destiny or the bigger purpose in the long run of life.
You might be amidst crucial moments in your life, where you have to make a choice and by choice, it means a difficult one. In times like this, you might be strongly drawn to these Angel numbers which you often see around you without truly recognizing their importance.

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Encountering reoccurring numbers frequently

If you are thinking even about a simple idea like moving to a new place or changing your country where you are currently settled, changing your career or occupation, or whether to take a step further to move on from your ongoing relationship, these indications might lurk in your subconscious mind.
If you talk about the initials like your alarm clock stopping exactly at 5:55, or the car, just in front of you in the traffic with 555 inscribed on the number plate, or you see the same number again on the lock screen of your phone.
Apart from it, it might be as simple as the number of likes on some post on social media, which you browse accidentally or once in a while like 44 or 55.

Role of Angel numbers in case of love

When you learn about Angel numbers, at first, it might seem an indication in the field of career or closely related to some method of guidance for your protection.
These Angel numbers exist to notify you repeatedly about your importance. It depicts that there is some spiritual energy that is constantly in touch with your thoughts and is trying to guide and help you in every phase of your life.
Considering the experts of numerology, those numbers are deeply attached to a specific aura or frequency.

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Importance of Numbers in Ancient Times

The importance of numbers could be seen from the very beginning of civilization. Starting from the Egyptians who invented the first ciphered numeral system in 300 BCE to the early first millennium CE.
Lonian and Doric were the alphabets that the Greeks formulated for their numerology for number counting by using similar principles.
In the end, we will understand the importance of numbers in our daily lives, as we can see the usage of Roman Numerals even today, in modern times. 
You might be curious about the reason why your Guardian Angel shows these numbers frequently in your life and among them, which is particularly related to love.
It can be related to a brand-new relationship, something auspicious in family, reuniting with long-lost love, or plainly centered to the special direction in life or nurturing yourself better by self-love.

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The rule of 111

When you receive any such indication of your Angel directing towards the number 111, it represents a new beginning of your relationship or a fresh start to your love life.
If you dream about it during your waking hours, it symbolizes a new beginning in your love life.
Although you have moved on in your life, yet you have a fair chance to start a new relationship, and that too is an unexpected one.

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The significance of number 515

Among a few numbers which symbolize love, the number 515 has its own importance. If you have been distant to love in the past few months or let’s, say years, you are going to experience love soon enough.
You will feel clarity in the direction of your love life and will decide wisely what to choose further.
You will be willing to take risks and make the decisions that later on will prove to be the turning point in your love life. This all will happen with the guidance of your Angel.
You will feel the ecstatic of love, the very emotion like butterflies in your stomach, sweetness in wind, everything magical around you. And this all will happen just because of love.

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The number 555

Like the above-mentioned numbers 111 and 515, 555 is also an important one. It is a symbol of change in your life but will also indulge you deeply in love. This is a clear indication of a connection with a person which not only becomes your love interest but also enriches you with self-love.
After learning the higher forms of love, which are self-love and forgiveness, you will be able to become a strong person and face your challenges eye to eye.
This indicates that your Angels are guiding you to let go of the regrets, forgive and move on for attaining mental comfort.

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Acceptance of self-love instead of self-doubt

Knowing and accepting your past faults and learning from them matters a lot. It imparts you the strength of overruling the limitations which are not letting you become the best version of yourself.
  • Dispense the negative vibes.
  • Forget about your self-doubts.
  • Have acceptance of your emotions and embrace your breakdowns.
The future is to unfold. You have your Guardian Angels to love and guide you. Persuading you to love yourself more.

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