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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Lal Kitab: For the happiness of children, there is no better solution than this

Lal Kitab: For the happiness of children, there is no better solution than this

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Oct 2021 08:51 PM IST
happiness from lal kitab
happiness from lal kitab - Photo : google
Significance of Lal Kitab for birth of a child- food, clothing and shelter

In the same way, wife and children are absolutely necessary for family happiness. It is a privilege to have a gentle and good wife. Even if you get a good wife After that the biggest concern is the child. lack of child happiness and how much It is painful, this pain can only be understood by married couples who are deprived of this pleasure. If the body is healthy, there is no disease of any kind, everyone at home is also healthy and healthy. There is income according to the need, but if the child is not happy, then that person's Family life becomes hell.

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Astrology Remedies for Childlessness- Such lucky people are rare
Those who can get the child they want. Couples who do not have child happiness. they have children To do this, take the help of the remedies of Lal Kitab. Beautiful words like the pronunciation of Ganga like 'Mother'. Mother's love has no limits, it is in her child Only the form of God is visible. There are also some opposite circumstances. the parents who The children are deprive 'Mother' is the holy word d of happiness or whose home yearns for the children's praises. What would be the situation? Is there no way to get the happiness of children? Can you
lal kitab remedies for conceiving But what is needed is only faith and complete faith. If you have full faith in God and If you have faith then do 'Santan Gopal Sadhana', my wish will definitely be fulfilled and Sure will be.

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lal kitab remedies for fertility problems Among the ashrams, celibacy, householders, vanaprastha and sannyasa ashrams, the glory of the sage of the sage- Maharishis have also propounded. God is also on the earth to enjoy the happiness of the household. are born again and again.
lal kitab and children yog- It is advised to do Santan Gopal sadhna. This experiment has been seen to be successful thousands of times and for those who are childless, more than this. There is no solution.

lal kitab remedies for childless couple If it happens, then in such a situation, it can be diagnosed by taking some measures. eg pregnancy While doing this, a red colored thread should be tied on the wrist of the pregnant woman. After having a child, untie that thread from the mother's wrist and tie it on the child's wrist and on the mother's wrist. Tie another thread. Take special care that this thread should be tied for 18 months.
Worship the giver of Riddhi-Siddhi, Shri Ganesh ji.

Give some part of the food daily to the animals like cow.
During the day, make sweet rotis of tandoor and feed it to stray dogs.
If only one puppy is born to a dog or a dog, then even raising it in one's own house.
The child continues to live.
If Saturn is causing inauspicious effect in the birth of a child, then the objects of Saturn will also be there.

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